There’s a new “school” in York County

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There’s a new school in York County, but this one doesn’t have books or pencils.  It has balls and bats.  It’s a 13 thousand square feet indoor practice facility called Backyard University.

Robby Elzinga, 12 year old from Manchester, York County

“Its fun.  Its neat to be here cause it looked like a big time stadium.”

This school has a revolution feel to it.  It was founded by former York Revolution star, Jason Aspito.  The professors at this university hoping to throw a strike.

Jason Aspito, Backyard University owner

“I just love working with kids and the opportunity to take one of these kids to the level I got too.  That would be worth every second I did this.”

Current Revolution pitcher Corey Thurman, also part of the teaching staff.  He’s hoping his worldwide baseball experience develops better local  players.

Corey Thurman, York Revolution Pitcher

“Trying to use all our expertise that we have learned throughout our careers during our different parts of the country and playing in different countries and bring it here and get better ballplayers from York.”

This type of indoor field could level the playing field with warm weather states, who play outdoors year round.

Jason Aspito, Backyard University owner

“You hope to shrink that gap cause they are learning it down in Florida, in California, Texas, Arizona, they are learning it.”

The owner feels, he has built his field of dreams.

Jason Aspito, Backyard University owner

“I put in some long hours and to see it come together and resemble an indoor baseball stadium, Its awesome.  Now I hope to make it last a while.”

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