Police: Mom duct taped son’s face

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Mom duct taped son’s faceSandusky, OH (WJW) – An apparent joke between a mother and two children ended with criminal charges earlier this week.

It happened Monday when Sandusky police received a complaint about Tiffany Ennis, 31, from the father of her son.

The man told officers that he received a text from Ennis showing a picture of their son with his eyes and mouth covered in duct tape.

He reportedly texted Ennis back saying he didn’t find the photo funny. She disagreed, stating that not only did she think it was funny, but their son did also, police said.

According to a police report, Ennis advised officers that she was playing around with duct tape with her friend and their kids, and put duct tape over her son’s face because they both found it amusing.

She also reportedly stressed to officers that the joke was not meant to be hurtful, and that her son was not injured.

The case was forwarded to the Erie County Children Services, where it was learned that Ennis had allegedly duct taped another child’s eyes, head and mouth, as well as her son’s.

She was charged with two counts of child endangering.




  • Guest

    Taking it off would be the worst part. I would just duct tape the mom and drop her off in Mexico. That would be hilarious!

  • amber

    what ? this is seriously the dumbest thing ive ever heard. if they really were just playing around, which it looks like the kid is smiling, the charges are ridiculous !!!!

    • Storm

      no its called be an adult… seriously common sense people… did you really think it was okay to duct tape your sons face. The issue in the world today is children having children. There is nothing funny about duct taping your sons face. Props to the father for being and adult and knowing that this is just uncalled for. People like this shouldnt have kids!

  • Monique Workinger

    Really?? EVERYTHING is ause now…if they r both carrying on its NOT abuse!! I she did it as punishment and hurt him THEN ITS ABUSE… Seriously people c'mon now!!

  • Scott

    So freaking stupid. Everything is abuse these days. This is something that was probably a fun moment until the father decided to get all butt hurt over it. I have a tough time deciding what is worse, the idiot father or the retarded CPS.

  • Todays Society

    Considering most parents today are kids themselves, this doesn't surprise me, children having babies and can't make adult choices.

  • Grandpa

    I covered all my kids in duct tape and just had slits for their eyes and nose since we couldn't afford clothes, but I never took any pictures of it!

  • Stupid

    I agree!! Especially if the child was able to say it was a joke! The father probably doesn't want to pay support!

  • JustSayin

    Who cares! Lets worry about the children who are really being abused! This father obviously overreacted….and he probably thought by reporting it he may get out of having to pay child support!!!!

  • Robin Becker

    Now..just suppose the kid and the Mom were truly having a good laugh and were having so much fun they shared with Dad. If you want to talk about abuse..imagine what Dad and all the people he involved because he decided to scream abuse..what that must have done to the kid everyone is so worried about, when he witnessed his Mom get in trouble. Watching cops come at her and her being charged and whatever else happened. I would not be surprised if he was taken out of home. Just imagine what all that will do to him! All because of something he thought was so damn funny he sent dad a pic. I feel for the Mom and son. I questions Dad's motives for not only calling and reporting, but going public. Custody battle perhaps? I am sure there is much more abuse by how Dad played this out.

  • Mabart

    Next thing you know is parents are going to jail for letting their kids play in cardboard boxes or making tents in the living room out of mom's old sheets. Give me a break….where has the art of fun and imagination gone? Not everything is solved by just popping in a video game to the old XBox or Ninentodo. This parent was actually interacting with her child….amazing in this day and age.

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