Cumberland County mother charged after boarding school bus

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A Shippensburg woman upset about assigned seating on her child’s school bus is facing charges after she unlawfully boarded the bus on Friday morning.

Elizabeth Katherine Miller, 28, was charged by state police with unauthorized school bus entry.  Miller is accused of going to a bus stop at the corner of Kline Road and Indian Springs Manor in South Hampton Township during the morning run. She entered the bus without prior authorization and began complaining about the assigned seating. The driver asked Miller to get off the bus–but she refused, troopers said.

Miller finally got off  when she had her child change seats.


  • Gary

    If you never drove a school bus, welcome aboard. Ride the bus for one week and you will see the student have no respect for anyone. Three students on a bus can cause more problems then you would believe. Most students, 95 percent are great and respectable, the other 5 percent will be riding the bus to the state pen. Thank you.

    • HowIgnorantRU?

      I wouldn't say the students have no respect for anyone. The behavior in my experience of over two decades of changes is that the school district policies and enforcement strongly relates. The parents are at the core but the district is the middle ground.

  • Don

    A simple solution. Since the school districts are not required to provide transportation in PA, just eliminate the bus service and let the parents take their offspring to school.

    • kayla

      then what would all of our school taxes go to? new books or field trips or school lunches? yea right thats gotta be taken straight from our pockets instead of all the damn taxes we pay

    • HowIgnorantRU?

      Wrong. PA districts are required to provide education transportation for all children whether in public or private schools within a 50-mile radius by PA Law.
      We have one vehicle that must drive to Baltimore with one student twice per day for the special education that can only be provided there. Same with Harrisburg and same with Hershey. You'd think the parents would attempt to get employment and homes nearer to the schools that their children must attend to get the best education.

      Got a problem with this law, see your local lawmakers.

      • Don

        You are incorrect. Transportation is optional under PA law. For your reading pleasure (links and all):

        24 P.S. § 13-1361
        (1)The board of school directors in any school district may, out of the funds of the district, provide for the free transportation of any resident pupil to and from the kindergarten, elementary school, or secondary school in which he is lawfully enrolled…

        Q. Are school districts required to transport students?
        A. With the exception of charter school students, Pennsylvania law does not
        require a school district to provide transportation to its students.

        • HowIgnorantRU?

          Thanks Don. I have been misinformed. The first link does not allow me in. In reading the other link, I can see that my understanding of the requirements is distorted. The charter schools is the only required transportation which I suppose includes the parochial schools and special education schools.

          I would have to agree with you then and say that the simplest solution is for parents to take children to school and for them to carpool with people that they and their children like. This also leaves more funds for the education and sports entertainment of the children.

          • HowIgnorantRU?

            I'm actually pretty enlightened by the fact that school districts do not have to provide the transportation to public schools. Here is a spending cut and gives parents the freedom to do what they wish to do.

            There are school buses that are chartered by a coalition of parents that pay for the service (for reasons I cannot go into). They have the control since they collectively pay the bill. Might work if neighbors worked together. Parents could argue amongst themselves about seating and behavior and they could fire the driver/bus company if they didn't like it.

          • Don

            Unfortunately, it is not that easy. There is another section of the school code that states if the school district enforces mandatory school attendance, then transportation must be provided – and that all comes down to money and state reimbursement considerations.

            As far as transportation to private or special education schools – it is an all or nothing proposition. If the district provides transportation to the public schools, then transportation to the other schools must also be provided. Charter school transportation is yet another separate section of school law.

            All of this is more complicated than most people understand and is why (along with the other laws) the school districts have so many administrators. Keeping it all straight and avoiding legal action is a full time job for the administration.

  • Toad

    There are right and wrong ways to go about things…. This was obviously the wrong way, the rule is obviously for students safety and rightfully so. She could have called in the concern…..

  • HowIgnorantRU?

    Your reply shows your ignorance or should I say it in a way you understand:

  • HowIgnorantRU?

    God babe, we'd LOVE IT if there were adult monitors everyday to watch over the 50-70 kids behind our backs as we control a machine that could instantly kill all of us.

    Safety's are assigned by the school.

    Don't think Gary or I dislike our jobs. I think Gary overstated or over-dramatized but I must not drive his district or neighborhood.

    LOL, you think taxes are high now. Put adult monitors on the buses and then see how the Republicans and Democrats argue the spending increase. Trust me, no bus drivers last long who do not like their jobs in some way. We have one driver who was a frustrated mom in our district. She has changed her tune. So, the invitation is there hon. Really. Give it a try. See if you have the stamina and patience. It's not a career.

      • HowIgnorantRU?

        Really Darly? You see kids rebelling against their parents as much as they repeat. Do/did your kids act completely like you? If so, then you must never have to discipline because they would be perfect in your eyes (because they are just like you).

        I've seen plenty of children do or say things that totally surprised their parents because "that is not the way they brought Sally and Jimmy up". Sometimes they mimic their friends or tv and not their parents. Right?

  • Darly

    Bottom line. It is illegal for ANYONE to enter a bus without permission. It is against the LAW. The parent was in the wrong, and she has been duly charged for her disregard of the law.

  • HowIgnorantRU?

    ok. ok. People make fun that some disgruntled mother entered the bus and harassed the driver as if it was her right to do so.

    So lets take this further, where it has gone in other places at other times in this country.
    We have Alabama recently where a guy gets on the bus and demands a kid gets off. Driver gets killed. We have parents who, every year, get on buses and assault the driver or some kid who bullies their kid, etc, etc.

    People, stay off the buses unless you are an authorized chaperone, etc. You can get arrested just like you would if you went storming down the hall in school to get your child. Just like you can if you barged into the daycare to argue with a caregiver. Just like you can if you start arguing with the cashier at any store or any waitress at a restaurant. Just like you would if you approached a meter maid and argued with her over a parking ticket or approached a police officer to argue about your kid being handcuffed in the back seat.

    Suzie's mom doesn't want Johnnie's dad to get on the bus and argue with the driver in front of Suzie because Suzie's mom doesn't want Suzie to see adults argue and Suzie's mom doesn't know if Johnnie's dad is going to get violent. Suzie's mom doesn't know that is Johnnie's dad and not a terrorist so Suzie's mom might pull out her Glock and save the children. Do you people effin understand what the big deal is NOW?

  • HowIgnorantRU?

    Oh, by the way, try getting into an argument with a city bus driver over the fare or having to sit next to someone you don't like because the bus is full and see where that gets you.

    • Diana

      Well, why would it be necessary to even HAVE an argument with the bus driver on either of those two examples you give? The fare is the either pay it or you dont get on and if the bus is full it's full!! Would you really expect the driver to approach a paying client and tell him YOU dont like them & ask THEM to move? Driver has no control over those issues. Pick up your cell & call the transit svc. What if the person you want to sit next to doesnt like YOU? The driver who is trying to keep a schedule is supposed to walk the aisles till you find someone suitable for your tastes? Why not just clear the bus. You should change your name to HOWIGNORANT AM I? & repeat it to yourself daily

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