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Ex-Beau, Out On Bail, Breaks Into Woman’s Home With Knife

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A woman being harassed by her ex-boyfriend came home to find him hiding in her attic crawl space with a hunting knife. It happened just before 6pm Tuesday on the 1800 block of Sterretts Gap Avenue. The victim had been receiving text messages from Windsor J. Morda, 27, of the 1st block of White Oak Drive, Carlisle. She noticed the attic roof hatch in her home was ajar. That’s when she found Morda inside her home. Morda fled the scene prior to police arriving and continued to harass the victim while officers were there.

Morda, currently free on bail for assaulting the same woman, is now wanted for felony charges of Burglary & Criminal Trespass, misdemeanor charges of stalking, simple assault, along with harassment. Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Morda, call the North Middleton Township Police at 717-243-7910.

The victim is staying somewhere else until Morda is apprehended.



  • Super User(not)

    What was he going to do with the knife? Slice up some watermelon and talk about his feelings? What a douche for adding on to his jail time and realizing no girl will ever want him

  • HowIgnorantRU?

    Nothin' says lovin' like your ex hiding in the attic with a hunting knife. Perhaps he was hunting? Bats are tasty. He needs to get a gun like all the real men have. That makes exes listen. Silly boy.

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