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WPMT FOX43 welcomes back Heather Warner as Morning News Anchor

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Heather WarnerYORK, PA – WPMT FOX43 is excited and pleased to announce the return of Heather Warner to the FOX43 NEWS team, as she joins FOX43 MORNING NEWS starting May 1.

Warner left WPMT last August, but when an opening on FOX43 MORNING NEWS presented itself earlier this year, it was too good to overlook.

“Life is always full of unexpected twists, isn’t it?” Warner laughs. “You never know when another fantastic opportunity will strike. I’m really looking forward to working the morning shift – quite a change from the 10pm news shift I worked for nine years! It used to be that viewers last saw me right before they went to bed, now I’ll be the first face they see when they wake up.”

Warner will return to television on May 1, taking a seat on the FOX43 MORNING NEWS set alongside co-anchor Courtney Laydon, meteorologist Jeff Jumper and traffic reporter Chris Garrett.

“Heather has always made her hometown proud,” states News Director David Silverstein. “Raised in York, a graduate of Dallastown High and Kutztown University… there is no better face for south central Pennsylvania than Heather Warner. She loves this area, and this area loves her.”

FOX43 MORNING NEWS recently expanded its operations, adding another hour of local coverage. Now kicking off at 4am and running through to 9am, FOX43 MORNING NEWS is the only morning news that devotes five uninterrupted hours to locally-produced news every weekday.

“There’s a fun, anything-can-happen electricity to Morning News,” says Warner. “From live reporting to celebrity interviews to local chefs, it’s a very different animal from a late news program. I’m really looking forward to it!”

“We’re excited to welcome Heather back. We fielded a lot of viewer comments when she left, everything from wishing her well to wishing she would stay!” says Silverstein. “We know she’s going to be a dynamite fit for the morning show.”

Warner’s career at WPMT began in 2003. She was the co-anchor of FOX43 NEWS AT TEN alongside Evan Forrester until 2012. Warner was replaced with Pittsburgh native Amy Lutz in August 2012. Warner fills the morning anchor seat left open by the departure of Kiersten Mathieu in January of this year.

Watch for Heather Warner on FOX43 MORNING NEWS beginning May 1. For more information about FOX43, please visit fox43.com. WPMT FOX43 is a Tribune Broadcasting station, serving the York, Harrisburg, Lancaster, Lebanon television market.


  • dlb14frost

    Missed ya Heather and elcome back !!! BUT,,, I still won't be tuning in till 5. Having to be on the air at 4,,,,Better you than me.

  • Kelly Arnold

    I hope she is not replacing Ashley,She does a great job and is very professional with her style.I enjoy the girls Courtney and Ashley.I used to watch ABC Good Morning America for years,but I much prefer watching Fox 43 local news.

  • class97

    Sounds like alot of stuffy old people that don't make mistakes or enjoy having a good time commenting on here. So there are some reading errors and jokes made, I think it makes the news more enjoyable to watch than the old "professional" standard. Looks like regular people doing the show, we all make mistakes. Even thoughs that think they don't.
    Welcome back Heather. Keep up the great work Fox Morning News Crew!

    • Darly

      I'm an older individual, but I really do enjoy the morning crew on Fox 43. They provide information, but in an entertaining way. Not stuffy, but in a fun, yet professional manner.

  • claydonfox43

    Thanks so much for all your support and letting us be a part of your mornings each and every day! Hopefully we can help you kick off the day with a smile! – Courtney

  • Oliver Clozoff

    Hey, I don't care who comes or goes from the morning show as long as Courtney doesn't go anywhere. She's SMOKIN' hot, the best looking newscaster IMO. Welcome back though, Heather. You always do a fine job.

  • Jon

    I love the format at Fox 43 morning news. I have tried watching the other stations and find them very cold and boring. You guys are doing a great job! Welcome back Heather! You and Courtney are going to be a great team!

  • Rene

    Heather will be a great addition to the morning line-up. . .she is a class act and has been missed on the evening news in our household. WELCOME BACK, HEATHER!!!

  • Bobby Bennett

    I like Heather and she is a very talented newscaster, but Ashley is also very good. I was very disappointed when Kristin left, now she was a classy individual then Ashley came aboard and I thought this woman is just as talented, funny and beautiful. Years ago when I moved from the Allentown area to Hanover I got hooked on News 8 because of the intense news reporting then one morning as I prepare for work I accidently turn on Fox43 and discover Kristin and Mike doing the news and ever since been a faithful supporter. In the evening (10pm), I find myself watching the evening team. Those two individuals work very well together and a pleasure to watch. Like I said earlier, Heather is very good at her trade, but FoxNews must keep Ashley doing some type of reporting.That type of talent that she posseses is lacking in the broadcasting business. Other news agencies would wish they had a news anchor like Ashley. Being a teacher for 31 years and a freelance writer I enjoy watching good news reporting and right now Fox43 has plenty of talent. Don't lose it!!!!

    • Matt at FOX43

      Hello Bobby Bennett, thank you for switching to FOX43 and being a loyal watcher! Ashley has been with us for 4 years now and is still with with us! She will most likely be returning to reporting (maybe in the morning too)! Have a great day!

  • Isa

    I starting watching for the young vibe. I love that it’s not stuffy. Sometimes they do laugh at the wrong places but that’s part of the young vibe. Go watch the stuffy other shows if you don’t like it. And doesn’t everyone get the giggles once in a while?

  • Mike Thompson

    Outstanding, I'm coming back to fox 43. And to be honest, I really was getting tired of the Today show. Everyone in this household LOVES Heather. Well don, Fox 43

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