Congress misses sequester deadline, spending cuts to take effect

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After weeks of inaction from Congress, forced federal spending cuts are set to take effect.

“It’s an absolute disgrace that we’re going home. We should stay here until the sequester has ended. This is a stupid way to do it,” said Rep. Eliot Engel, (D), New York.

Democrats and Republicans failed to reach an agreement over spending plans, forcing President Obama to issue an order that will slash $85 billion in federal spending for the rest of the fiscal year.

As lawmakers left Washington Thursday, House Speaker John Boehner said Republicans would not accept responsibility for the inaction.

“We’ve done our work. They’ve not done theirs. The House shouldn’t have to pass a third bill to replace the sequester before the Senate passes one,” he said.

Democrats, meanwhile, are criticizing Republicans for the furloughs the cuts will cause.

“We might as well get a pink slip from the office of the speaker of the Republican Conference to 750,000 American workers laid out because of sequester implementation,” said House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

The President is expected to meet leaders from Congress Friday at the White House, but expectations for that meeting are low.

Big cuts to PA programs with sequestration


  • thia

    these spending cuts better effect ALL that includes congress and higher , not always the bottom of the ladder

  • Angie

    Would it help at all to layoff the lawmakers? It is time to stop the blame game and it is time for true and accurate accountability. Those who will be furloughed are working Americans. (Keyword: Working) Those present for roll call in Congress should not continue to receive their pay as it should be for them as it is for anyone else. The cuts should be exampled by the top spots in support of the hardships their lack of ability to perform their duties is causing.

  • ditz

    I agree, their pay is the first thing that should be cut until they reach an agreement. Why is it always the working person that has to suffer. The mortgage company is not going to care if you don't get a paycheck! Let them feel the pain for once! If I didn't do my job, I would be out!

  • guest

    But hey, we can afford to send $60 million to Syrian rebels but we release illegal immigrants from jail cause we can't afford it due to the seuestration.
    Time for Americans to wake up and take back the country.

    And no, this is NOT an R vs. D argument. This is ALL politicians. Yes, yours' too.

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