Report on the State’s Transportation Performance

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On Friday, PennDOT released the state’s first-ever Transportation Performance Report; a detailed rating of the state’s efforts in safety, mobility, system preservation and accountability, with the results underscoring the need for additional transportation investment.

The report, a combined effort by the State Transportation Commission (STC), the State Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) and PennDOT, reviews the system’s status, performance within current resources, and opportunities for progress.

“This performance report shows that PennDOT has made great strides in traffic safety and modernizing its operations, but we still have significant needs that we can’t address with the resources we have,” said PennDOT Secretary and STC Chairman Barry J. Schoch. “I invite the public, our customers, to review the findings to see our progress and challenges in the system they use every day.”

In the categories of system capacity enhancements, local bridge conditions, pavement reconstruction and transit infrastructure, the state’s performance is rated as “low” due to limited resources and magnitude of need.

Many mobility areas are improving due to increased focus on traveler information, traffic signal modernization and freight movement. While measures like state bridge conditions and project delivery are also improving, additional resources are needed to keep pace with demands.

The state’s performance in most highway safety focus areas, transit ridership, and accountability through initiatives like Next Generation are rated as “good.”

The report was developed over three months and will be updated every two years. The 15-member STC includes the Transportation Secretary, 10 private citizens appointed by the governor, and the majority and minority chairs of the state Senate and House Transportation Committees. The TAC is a 30-member body that assists the state Transportation Secretary and STC.

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  • HowIgnorantRU?

    In order to properly rate the State's Transportation Performance, you ask the public and not spend money to create a useless report that makes no difference to anything except costing money which IS the problem with maintaining the state's transportation performance. They need money to maintain the infrastructure. Thanks for nothing with this report.

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