Covered in Mail

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Bills and letters probably aren’t going to make it to their destinations ton time.  A truckload of mail spilled all over a Bucks county highway Monday morning when the driver lost control.  Letters and packages went flying in the wreck.  The U.S. Postal services sent crews to the scene in Warrington to investigate and retrieve the mail.


  • HowIgnorantRU?

    Pretty useless story unless there was a link to mail heading to/from the Susquehanna Valley. Why not tell us about a branch that fell on a car in Pittsburgh?

  • Norma

    Every package I send out of York, Pa goes to Philadelphia at some point. Looks like Im pretty glad I got insurance on the last ones

  • unhappy

    the mail in PA or at least around the harrisburg area SUCKS. FOr some reason, if you move they need to send your mail ALL the way back to philly because someone can't slap a moved sticker on it here, so they ship it to philly for some moron there to do it. UNREAL

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