Guest Workers Protest

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McDonald’s guest workers around the country stage a surprise strike Wednesday.  These workers were brought to central Pennsylvania from Latin America and Asia under the J-1 Cultural Exchange Visa program.  It’s supposed to promote education and cultural exchange but advocates say the workers are treated like cheap labor and forced to live in poor conditions.  Wednesday’s strike is similar to a 2011 strike in Derry Township where guest workers protested against working conditions at a plant contracted by the Hershey company.


    • guest

      Trash? Really? They paid to come here, probably more than you make in a year, to round themselves out and see foreign cultures. Then to have a jerk take real advantage of them. Relative of yours maybe? Maybe not, it's not a mobile home so I guess you two aren't related.

  • tyler

    Um excuse me i work with these people every day and they are hard working very polite people open your mind to the world and stop being so ignorant.

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