Having fun in the snow

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The winter weather means a lot of school closings throughout the area, and better yet, a day full of fun for kids.

“I kind of like did some air splits.  It’s when you run and then you jump and split your legs. At the same time,” said Brienna Crandell of Gettysburg.  Her and her sisters found out school was closed Tuesday night.

“We found out last night at around 9:30,” said Baillee Trump of Gettysburg.

The snowy forecast means not only spending the day off from school but also a break from homework. “I did part of my homework last night and then I did the rest of it in the morning,” said Brienna.

And that means more time in the snow! “We’ve been sledding and we’ve been building snowmen and we’ve been throwing snowballs at each other and we were trying to make a giant cupcake,” said Brooke Crandell.

“I’ve been sledding, I’ve been throwing snowballs back and forth at Brooke,” said Brienna.

“If it’s snowing hard we stay inside and play lots of games.  If it’s not snowing so hard we come outside and play and we try to fight the snow,” said Brooke.