Woman sideswipes State Police cruiser while driving wrong-way on I-83

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A confused elderly woman sideswiped a PA State Police cruiser while driving the wrong-way on I-83 in York County late Saturday night. It happened around 11 p.m. in the northbound lanes of I-83 near mile marker 16 in York Township.

The trooper was following an SUV in the left hand lane when he noticed the vehicle in front of him swerve abruptly into the right lane. That’s when he saw a vehicle coming straight at him going the wrong-way. Investigators say the oncoming vehicle was driven by an 81-year-old Red Lion woman.

Using quick thinking, the trooper swerved to avoid crashing and was sideswiped on his drivers side by the oncoming vehicle.

Both vehicles were damaged in the collision. Neither the trooper or the elderly woman suffered injuries.

The woman told authorities that she wasn’t sure how she got onto the interstate going the wrong-way. She said she had gotten lost and was confused.


  • JustSayin

    So sad! I think senior citizens should have to retake their driving tests at a certain age! God bless her and her family that she is safe and also that there was noone else hurt!

    • HowIgnorantRU?

      The episodes that seniors have like this can occur spontaneously. It doesn't mean that a person drives this way all the time.

      I'll take your recommendation and expand it to say that all drivers should recertify their driving qualification by taking a written (computer-executed) exam at the Driver's License Center when they have their license renewed with photo every four years. After all, we all go there every four years.

      • Tim Watroba

        I can't agree that everyone needs to take a test every 4 years. Older citizens should, after 75, be tested for mental clarity and response time. It isn't about reading road signs and obeying traffic laws. Like she said she became confused which I have never heard anyone under 60 ever say about getting on or off of a highway. Older folks need to consider other people on the road and there own safety.

  • HowIgnorantRU?

    Unfortunately, the design and construction of I-83 through York in the 1950's was incomprehensibly botched and rushed. The entrance and exit ramps were so badly designed that they doomed this whole area to congestion, wrecks, reconstruction and demolition problems for at least a century.
    PennDOT ought to consider placing a second set of Wrong Way signs further down the ramps along the entire stretch of I-83 in PA since this happens far too frequently.

    • Ed L

      I don't agree with you. Back in the 1950's traffic was not a big issue when designing these hiways. If you look at every interstate system dating back to the 50's and 60's they all suffered the same design problems. These highways were "Defense" highways. They were hurried because of the cold war.

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