Girl, 12, Dies After Huffing Freon From Air Conditioning Unit

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VICTORVILLE, Calif. (KTLA) — Kristal Salcido lived here with her grandma and little cousins.

It’s  here in the backyard by the air conditioning units, where the family says Kristal found easy access to the chemical freon.

She inhaled it, later passing out in her grandma’s bathroom.

Kristal was pronounced brain-dead at a local hospital. Her family made the difficult choice to take her off  life support four days later.

Her family says there were never warning signs of Kristal’s dangerous behavior.

Friends at Mesa Linda remember Kristal as kind, vivacious and popular.

And unfortunately, Kristal isn’t alone.

According to — an anti-drug website — one in five students has inhaled a chemical to get high by the eighth grade.

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