Police: Man shoots dog in neighbor’s fenced-in yard

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ChinC, dog shot by neighbor

A York County man is facing charges after police say he shot and killed a neighbor’s dog on Saturday. Joel Jackson , 49, is accused of shooting the dog while it was playing in a fenced-in yard with other dogs along the first block of York Street in Manchester Borough.

Jackson told police he was sitting in his living room when he heard the dogs barking. He grabbed a pellet gun, walked down the street and shot the 1 year-old German Shepard Boxer mix in the chest.

The owner heard the shot and when she looked out her window, she saw Jackson holding what she thought was a rifle. He fled the scene and she pursued him until he walked into his own home along the 100 block of York Street. The dog died a short time later.

Jackson admitted to shooting the dog. He told police he thought they  seemed aggressive because they jumped up on the fence every time he would walk by.

Jackson is charged with reckless endangerment and animal cruelty.


  • donald

    makes no sense just because it was a dog this guy felt he had the right to take matters in his own hands i mean really the dog was detained on private property in a fence would he still feel the same if to grown men were rough housing and wrestling in the back yard laughing loudly at each other

  • stephanie

    that f*ckin bastard would get shot….put his ass in jail and let the inmates take care of him……
    if he did that to one of my dogs…..he would have never made it to jail…..

  • madoline

    Nothing will be done. It never is. These freaks walk among us and there's nothing we can do. If my dog is outside, I'm in the doorway. If he gets anything at all it will be 30 days probation or some stupid nonsense.

  • Tina

    This man should be charged with murder!!! What an idiot. So agree with Larry and let the punishment and the crime be equal. This man certainly has some sort of mental instability to be able to just take a gun and kill for no reason. So sorry for the family involved I know my animals are my children and can't imagine this happening!!!

  • Megan

    Some people's dogs are like their children. Can't imagine what the owner is going through. This man should be charged with murder and not just a slap on the wrist!

  • Wendy Schell

    Unbelievable!!! The dogs were in theri own fenced in yard and he gets minor charges filed against him. What a joke, I think he should rot in jail for eternity!

  • LTC(Ret)

    It is unsettling to see so many irrational people in York County. Good thing vigilante action is illegal. The man's crime was serious but, shooting him in retribution? You people need mental help before you do something even more stupid.

    • HowIgnorantRU?

      Yeah buddy, most of us would instantly kill someone who unjustifiably killed our dogs and it was not an accident. The rest just wouldn't do it instantly.

      When you think of the "mental" aspect of it, think about how mental it is to love guns so much that someone would fire at anyone trying to take them away. THAT is mental.

  • jane heller

    sorry to say, the male of the human species seem to feel entitled to his "gun" and the right to shoot what he wants- current law does little to protect animals and should be strengthened but here again, this man, with gun could have easily decided that some wild-ass kids playing outside were troublesome or too noisy and shot them as well. it's not just throwing the book at him- it's dealing with all the gun-rights nuts who feel they have the right to shoot others, humans and animals- how sad we are as a species- God, it's time to cleanse the earth of humans-you made a mistake- turn it back to the animals- we are unworthy.

  • Marie

    The other thing is, he was in his HOUSE! He left his house to hunt down the dog. TOTALLY WRONG! and if he knew ANYTHING about dogs he would understand that just because I dog comes to the fence and jumps up does NOT mean it is mean. It may just be asking for a pat on the head.
    This 2 legged creature( cannot dignify by calling him human) does not deserve to be out on the streets. He is obviously a danger to everyone, not just dogs. What if a child were playing in the yard with the dogs? He could have killed the child. If he had a problem with the barking he could have called police and let them talk to the owners. He could have talked to the owners to find out if the dogs were mean or to ask them if they could settle them down. Of course, perhaps he would have gone and shot at kids if they were making too much noise while playing outdoors. lock him up and throw away the key,

  • Guest

    Unbelieveable! This guy deserves whatever he gets! My heart is breaking for the dog and the family. I have to say though that I would have stayed with the dog and seeked immediate medical help.

  • SSL

    My 1 year old Chocolate Lab has a fierce bark when he thinks he has to protect our house and property BUT is the nicest dog alive. If someone would shoot my dog for no other reason than how he barks, he would definitely have to pay for his CRIME. What is wrong with people?! This is a sick person who needs to be locked up for KILLING. I am so sorry for this Shepard mix for losing his life at such a young age and prayers for the family and friends who loved him.

  • HowIgnorantRU?

    This is such a dilemma for the gun happy people who tout guns for protection and also love their dogs. If anyone who supports regular gun-carrying for protection does not find this particular act to be criminal then they should think about the right for a dog owner to have a dog in a fenced in yard for protection. The dog barks at strangers approaching as protection just like they get ready to grab their piece for protection. Touche on the argument.

  • MaryKay

    My name is MaryKay this was my 16 year old sons dog . I read all these with him we are so glad the public is outraged. We are okay with gun laws just not with people that use them for violent random senseless acts. My fence is away from sidewalk for any that went past people adult or child and dogs that go by all the time. And again point out he wasnt just walking by , he was in his house got up and came down here. My son was with her even after she died .We all were. She was turned over for evidence meaning what was actually used to kill her. All we want is justice served to this man. He deserves to live the rest of his pitiful life in jail.

  • Tim

    We should sell raffle tickets for the chance to execute this P.O.S. and give the proceeds to animal charities, then put the execution on pay per view with the profits to lower our taxes.

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