Police Say Man Confesses to Shooting Neighbor’s Dog in York County

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A York County man is facing charges after police say he shot and killed a neighbor’s dog.  It’s something his attorney says the man regrets.

The dog’s owner, MaryKay Ayers, set up a memorial in her front yard in the first block of York Street in Manchester Boro after the death of her dog, ChinC, Saturday evening.

“He came from his comfortable living room, got a gun and walked up here and point blank shot the dog in the chest,” she says.

Police say her neighbor, Joel Jackson, told them he used a pellet gun, then destroyed it.  ChincC, named after the spots on his chin, was in a fenced yard.

“I want him in jail.  I do.  This was our family member.  This isn’t just some dog to us.”  Ayers admits ChinC would bark and run to the fence, but insists he wouldn’t hurt anyone.  Police say Jackson told them that the two year old German Shepard Boxer mix made him nervous.

“My impression was that on an on-going basis this dog did scare him and other people,” says Jackson’s attorney, Frank Arcuri.

Jackson is charged with recklessly endangering another person and cruelty to animals.

“My client is extremely remorseful for what happened and is sorry that this poor animal as I understand it, was either put down or died outright,” Acuri says.

Ayers says she wasn’t home at the time of the shooting, but her son was.

“When I came in my backyard my son was crumpled on that porch holding her and there was blood on his hands and no mother should have to ever see that in her life.  Never.” Ayers says.

Another dog was in the yard at the time, but was not hurt.


  • Guest

    That dog was in a fenced in yard. he was not a danger to that man unless he was planning on going into that yard or house. Then it would have been that man's fault. He had no right to shoot the dog. Even if it was barking non-stop. There is no reason to shoot a dog. Next thin you know he will beshooting a person!

  • Guest

    What a jerk…. go get a lawyer because in your heart you know you are guilty and now trying to back pedal. What a piece of work. You should have to do work with the ASPCA and humane society FOREVER. Jail will help for a bit but that man needs to learn some animal RESPECT.

  • Sweetczz

    People just don't understand that they can't be taking the law into their own hands, Call the police and make a complaint and let them handle it. Geesh! Horrible!

  • Daniel Davis

    If that was my dog, You better pack my bags dude 'cause I'm heading upstate on a murder 1 Conviction! No Lie, I would shoot that bastard down in cold blood! I hope someone kills this Vermin. He is like a cockroach, squashing is too good. If your read this you can count on it you're very lucky you're not my next door, I'd get when you least expected it. A PROMISE!

  • ForTheSakeOfAnimals

    Hey Mr. Jackass I mean Jackson.
    Ever thought to walk down a different street if you were so nervous?
    See that is what a NORMAL person would have done but you decided to play law enforcement.
    Some people you meet would tell you I'm aggressive too. Would that give you the right to shot to kill me if you walked down my street when I'm outside in my fenced in yard barking?
    Any lawyer that would invent a defense for this creep deserves to live next door to him too.

  • Mike

    I agree with the person who said he'd be heading up state on a murder 1 charge. Absolutely if this clown lived next to me and killed my dog he'd get to know what the dog had to go through no doubt. And when the cops came knockin i'd just say that I felt threatened and had to protect myself like he supposedly had to do with this dog. Hope you remember not to drop the soap in jail bud!!!!

  • Sylvana

    This ' a crime, killing a dog , but also a family dog , this person should be charge and sent to jail, I believe it was the dog how was threatened by this man, and we do have to prove by is act, please sent him to jail
    To the family of this beautiful dog, I'm very sorry for your lost, God bless him and you

  • Eric Jackson

    "'[ChinC] was either put down or died outright,” Acuri says." What the hell difference is there? The dog DIED because your client intentionally and willfully, with malice aforethought, SHOT this family's dog, on their property. I understand, Mr. Acuri, that your client has the right to the best defense possible, but don't belittle the family's suffering with your semantics. Jackson, I hope you suffer for what you did to this family.

  • Peggy Trout

    This dog was in its own back yard,if you were angry at the day you were having ,you should have shot yourself! That big dog could have jumped the fence but it didn't.You not only went completely against the law shooting in a neighborhood but you shot and killed a persons beloved pet.You are not stable mentally to #1 have a gun and #2 you need to be locked up for the unforgivable act of KILLING.You don't have remorse and saying that won't bring their pet back.You need to move a way from people and their pets.You are a SICK man.I also hope the police take your gun a way.maybe they should also take your knives.

  • Gene

    Another case of using the "I felt threatened " defense to justify doing something stupid, senseless, and evil. Good thing it wasn't their SON who made this idiot feel threatened…..And if he felt threatened then, I hope he reads all the things people say about him. Then he'll have a reason to fell threatened!

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