Attorney for victims questioning police brutality investigation

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Civil Rights Attorney Devon M. Jacob, counsel for Debra L. Williams and Steven E. Landis, today issued the following statement in response to an announcement by Springettsbury Township Police Chief Thomas Hyers that he was placing Officers Chad R. Moyer, Gregory T. Hadfield, and William Polizzotto, Jr., on administrative duty:

“On behalf of my clients, I commend Chief Hyers for taking this action and for initiating an investigation into his officers’ troubling and violent conduct.  However, York County District Attorney Thomas Kearney knew this video evidence existed during the criminal discovery process, yet he did not prosecute these officers. Therefore, the detectives in District Attorney Kearney’s office cannot credibly conduct an independent investigation. If the Township and York County truly intend to regain the public’s trust, then District Attorney Kearney should refer this matter to Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane for a true independent investigation.”


  • yeah...

    Nice idea Mr. Jacob, doubt it'll ever happen & even if it did the tentacles run deep. Incidents like this (and much worse) happen all the time in this wretched county and nothing ever gets done to CORRECT the PROBLEM…this brutality is a sytemic, top-down problem of the 'good ol' boys club'…

  • FYI

    FYI: The 30 or so comments posted to the original Debra Williams story/video (most of which openly condemned the brutality of the officers) from yesterday have all been erased. Seems that Fox 43 will censor on behalf of police accused of brutality to handcuffed suspects…FYI

    • Matt at FOX43

      This happened to a comment that had many in reply. The comment was removed because of a potential raper. It was reported to law enforcement.

  • HowIgnorantRU?

    Comments get removed from all past stories when there is an updated followup article. Don't know why but I notice that is the trend.

    • FYI

      Well EXCUSE me! I'm new to this particular comment board. But I really don't think the comments were gone due to any update. If you look at some of the other 'sections' of this story, there are comments that have grown & stayed from the start, even when other 'updates' (such as the one we're on now) are posted.

  • HowIgnorantRU?

    Just like any suspect or anyone in a car wreck, wrongdoing is never to be admitted but must be proven. That's exactly what lawyers and insurance companies tell you to say when accused or involved in something. What do you expect Springettsbury officials to do before all investigations are done and criminal charges are or aren't made?

    This will play out and looks (from the limited info) pretty incriminating to at least one officer.

    • us&them

      Uh…Springettsbury 'officials' …denotes a job. What do we expect them to do? How about their job. At a job there is a 'chain of command', bosses & workers, indians & chiefs…right? So the 'officials' are the bosses riiiiiight? So as bosses, a big part of their job is supervising and/or disciplining the workers. So you've taken all accountability off of anyone in the dept. and made it a simple 'us vs. them' thing. Oh, by the way, since the chief (boss) also happens to be a sworn law officer, perhaps he could fulfill his oath to the citizens and charge the offending officer himself…wouldnt make great politics within the department, but I'd bet it would knock some chips off of some shoulders…and would most likely garner massive amounts of respect from John Q public…

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