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Speed trap signs drawing attention

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

It’s not everyday you see signs warning of a police speed trap, and it’s not everyday that police think it’s a good idea.  Steve Kline posted two signs that say “speed trap” after getting a hefty ticket from police. “I was pulled over because I did not have my headlights on in the daylight. Once I got the fines I came home directly, and obviously very irritated, and just immediately started putting up speed trap signs to put an end to the speed trap out here,” said Steve Kline. Kline says it was not raining and plans to fight his ticket in court.

The signs are set up along Springwood Road heading into Yoe borough. The speed limit along the road changes from 40 mph to 25 mph. Police often sit nearby and pull over people who do not slow down.

“We’ve seen roughly probably close to four or five hundred people pulled over here,” said Kline. He feels police should make themselves noticeable to drivers when trying to get them to slow down instead of being tucked behind cars.

You would think police wouldn’t appreciate the gesture but that isn’t the case.

“This guy is doing our job for us. In retaliation it may be, but he’s actually getting our message out there inadvertently,” said Sergent Jeff Dunbar with York Area Regional Police. “The fact that he has these huge signs out there saying speed trap ahead, he’s slowing traffic down. That’s exactly what we want people to do.”

Dunbar says the signs are not illegal and as of now they can stay up.


  • Swede

    They love sitting there for an easy buck…….. could be somewhere else doing something alittle more productive, instead of getting people right where it changes from 40mph to 25mph..pathetic ….

      • Steve Kline

        Your kidding right this is my point if their traps weren’t for fundraising then they would make themselves visible not hide they are absolutely fundraising g and brownie pointing and I hate that this makes me look like a cop hater they edit out comment like me saying if the cops support us than we are proud of them and commend them I have nothing against truthful and honest cops but have nothing for those who abuse their power to get what they want

  • Donna

    Why do so many people have trouble taking responsiblity for what they do? Sometimes you just have to "man up" and admit you are wrong. I might not like some of the rules of the road but I have seen enough drivers who feel the rules don't apply to them. You can bet if this guy were in an accident due to someone else speeding he would be screaming for the police to do something about it.

    • Steve Kline

      Your a tard we are trying to stop speeding and I’m that guy ” Steve Kline ” and just cause fox lied thru their teeth and changed my statement to make the police look good doesn’t make it true we are out there to support people against police misconduct and pulling me over illegally is a crime so how is that wrong let me know when the police have you pinned down beating you unjustly and see if you feel the same way …. Our signs are in no way retaliations but us doing what the police aren’t wich is slowing people down if they were concerned with speeding they would be hiding but be in plain sight but its about revenue not safety so pull your foot out of your mouth so I can understand you point cause as of now you don’t have one …….

      Steve Kline

      • Rick

        It's not necessary to call someone a "tard", I haven't seen anyone call you a name. We can all post and be respectful to each other. You could at least apologize to Donna for that comment. We all have the freedom and choice to voice our opinions, whether we agree or disagree with each other.

        • Steve Kline

          I have already apologized for anything I said that wasn’t up to par as I’m extreay disappointed that fox43 completely missed the point of why we are out there an made me look like a petty crimin and as you can see now people are saying come ts about alchohol and possession how would you feel. I was jnjustly stopped that’s is an example of misconduct one of the primary reasons for our cause to stop police misconduct and brutality so if anything express your concerns to fox for twisting the story.

      • Ed L

        Your post says a lot about you. And it's not good. Try removing your own foot. Reading the article and Donna's post, I agree 100% with her. Always someone to complain and accuse cops of not doing their jobs. It's a smoke screen to cover their own faults. We're all human. We all make mistakes. What separates the men from the boys are ones who admit when they are wrong.

        • Steve Kline

          You said it right so they must be the boys cause they certainly are not owning up to their failure to obey the laws they are sworn to uphold …. It’s not my fault fox chose to edit the important message and allow come ts that state that my actions are in retaliation to getting a fi e cause that’s simply not the case

    • Robin

      The guy was pulled over for not having his headlights on in the daylight! Not for reckless driving or excessive speed.

  • Rick

    Donna, I agree, people don't care about the rules of the road and taking responsibility for their actions on the road. Drivers fail to adhere to the Yield sign and expect others to yield and/or forcing their way out.. Drivers fail to use turn signals when changing lanes. Drivers fail to stop at Red Lights, run Red lights as they turn from Yellow to Red while tailgating someone who was going through the light when it's yellow, and ignoring the lights. This is only the tip of the iceberg.

    • Steve Kline

      Cops do everything you people are listing an they aren’t held accountable for any of it hmmm so I guess you idiots don’t feel like cops are people too but they are bound by the same laws as the citizens but they don’t have to follow them… I have no problem taking responsibility for whatever I do maybe the police should learn to do the same …. Pay attention to all the police brutality lately and then tell me about sucking it up and taking responsibility for your actions . I can’t help that fox lied and made me out to be the bad person but that certainly isn’t the case maybe you should stop by around 4 any afternoon and get a look at why we are really out there the speed trap signs are just the tip.

      Steve Kline

      • Shelby

        Okay Steve, lets say for one second FOX lied and made you out to be the bad guy. Your comments and responses on here make you look bad alone. You are not being intelligent about how you are handling the situation. First of all. anyone who gets pulled over there in Yoe deserves it. Everything is clearly marked about the drop in speed limit. I have never once failed to slow my car down to an acceptable speed by the time I hit the sign posting the 25mph speed limit. Anyone who can't is either not paying attention or doesn't care, and therefore they deserve a ticket. I believe you are picking fights with the wrong people, and that if anything you said was true that there are better (and more intelligent) ways of going about it. And callling Donna a "tard" was unbelievably rude. Did you treat the cop that pulled you over this way? Because that would explain everything. Show some respect and maybe you'll get some in return. Trust me when I say that your comments are not winning you any fans.

  • Rick

    Steve, I never said anything or not said anything about Police Officers, when I said "Drivers" I include everyone on the road that has a Driver's License. Truck Drivers, Bus Drivers, Limo Drivers, Taxi Drivers, Commercial/Business Driver, normal Commuters, etc. this does NOT exclude Police Officers. I have seen Police Officers when not pursing someone violate the traffic laws as well. I don't agree with it either and yes they should be setting the "standard" for showing us the correct way to drive. In the same aspect you have Police Officers that do their jobs well and not break the traffic laws just like some drivers do as well.
    Again, you resort to name calling, "idiots"… When you can't respond intelligently you resort to derogatory comments. I am not asking for one or do not expect an apology for the name calling from you.
    Mixing apples and oranges does not help your case. I watched and listened to the video and there was no mention about police brutality. It was about speeding and your headlights being out. I did not see where Fox made the police look good, nor did they make you out to be the bad guy either.
    I am free to admit that I am by no means a perfect driver and I have been pulled over both in and out of "speed traps". Technically, they are not traps as if I or any other driver was not speeding, there is no need to catch me doing anything wrong. I also have no problems with Police Officers pulling me or anyone else over for having lights out, broken, not working, etc. They are doing that for the safety of everyone on the road. I have seen many people driving with their headlights off at night and during the early morning hours. I often think where is the Police Officer to pull that person over for creating a hazard for other drivers out on the road. Obviously people don't learn their lessons when getting a ticket and the fines should be higher and or penalties stiffer for those that break the law and/or are repeat offenders. I will grant that warnings are also okay if someone didn't realize their lights were not on. For those that have their lights broken and/or bulbs out, then they should have 24-48 hours to get them fixed. I could go on, but I will stop at this point.

    • Steve Kline

      Again I’m not going to keep defending my self the interview to my knowledge was not to revolve around my ticket cause that completel misses the point of what we are trying to accomplish and I did apologize for any cents that were made in the heat of the moment but look at it from my point of view when my ticket was simply an example of misconduct and everyone because of how fox portrayed it is missing the point

  • tammy

    I saw those signs yesterday in my travels. What was even more noticeable to me than the sign, however, was a police offices driving right by them in a york regional SUV, talking on his cell phone and swerving into my lane at about 350 pm. I was pissed. Had that situation been reversed, I would be paying a fine. This is what really gets to me. Who is going to deal with these situations in there good ole boy network or looking at computers and talking on phones while driving.

    • Steve Kline

      Thanks for seeing my point I’m glad some people can look past the bias new cast and see that the point of no one policing the police peoe keep say man up but this is what I’m asking of law enforcement to own up take the dark tint off you windows, buckle up its the law, stop looking at your computer , get off the phone all theses laws should apply to them as well ….. We trust them to uphold and obey the law not the ones they feel like …

  • HowIgnorantRU?

    So Steve, tell your whole story here. Use complete sentences with punctuation and uppercase letters beginning sentences because it really sounds like you generally hate police. All police.

    If what I read in the story about you merely being stopped for headlights and not for anything else, then I personally think that this sounds unlawful. However, do not omit if you were stopped for something else and simply given a ticket for a lesser headlight charge and a warning on the more serious offense, like speeding (in your own neighborhood).

    Stop hating, brother. That attitude is one that endangers and subsequently inflames an officer whether someone believes the officer is justified in his/her methods of using force or not.

    Good job with the sign though. Now the police may not need to attempt to enforce the sign that says speed limit reduced from 40 to 25 and your kids can cross the street safer. By the way, headlights on while a car is moving anywhere is a safer thing to do even if it is not required during non-rainy days.

    • Steve Kline

      Ok it seems you got a little of my point so here is the deal . I was stopped for not having my headlights on in the daylight. There was no fog and no rain. This is a form of misconduct . Anything that happened after that point did not matter as the stop was conducted under an illegal stop. And here is the point if I was a murder and they did this, I would get off cause the cop didn’t follow proper procedure . I hate that I was portrayed as a cop hater, cause that certainly isn’t the case. I’m all for police doing their jobs as long as its done correctly. So many people think I put the signs up for a the wrong reasons mostly cause fox failed to show all our other signs. This includes the ones we wear on our person while protesting. They state stop police brutality. Stop police misconduct. Cops are not above the law etc etc. them leaving a that out makes me look bad and completely distracts attention from our cause. So if people want to comment they should have both sides of the story. Not just what the bias news decided to share.

  • PA_Driver

    I have to agree with Rick on this one.. well put…

    I encourage everyone to take the time to research the PA Vehicle Code… It states, as well as in the PA Drivers Manual that it is state law that headlights are required to be used whenever there is limited light. that includes cloudy days. It does not have to be "raining" for it to be a limited light day.

    I am not sure what day it was that the incident happend nor what the weather was like that day but. if it was cloudy then the officer did as the law required him to do. I do hope that the defendant does chill out before court … acting like he did here in court will just aid a really bad day in the court room..

  • Me

    You want us to be dumb enough to believe that you received a “$600” fine for not having your headlights on?? Nice try big fella. No one is buying that crap. Tell us what else happened so we can understand. Dime bag, alcohol, no license? What is it? Help us out here.

    • Steve Kline

      I hope you read the above statement as you are Missing the point. Your focused on my fines wich was wrong of fox to do my tickets are my tickets ill take care of them. But being stopped under false allegations is a form of misconduct and not legal this is what I’m trying to convey. What I was fined for after the fact is irrelevant. Everyone is focused on the tickets not the message simply cause fox chose to portray it this way. You should want to support our cause its much bigger than just me. There are many cases against our Pennsylvania police officers for abuse of power and misconduct and brutality. I’m simply asking they are held accountable for there actions just like the public would be.

  • Steve Kline

    This was the request word for word that I sent to fox to initiate the interview and that was what they put up but as you can see I said nothing about what they chose as there primary focus….. I just which everyone could hear the real message and the true point behind our efforts rather than what the media chose to misconstrue .


    My name is Steve Kline and my family and I have chose to take a stand against the increasing abuse an corruption in our law enforcement agenceies in pennsylvania . We have posted signs and been protesting in front of our house. We have been asking people to stand up for what is right and hold crooked cops accountable for their actions. Having a badge and taking that oath is a privilege and should not be abused. These are the men and women sworn to protect and serve all citizens. Please show us your support in any way you can.

    Facebook … Steve Kline

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    We are new to this so be patient as we slowly add content.

    Thanks in advance
    Steve Kline

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  • krista

    STEVE KLINE..sounds like you are getting some harsh feedback. Know people are out there that support you . My husband and I passed you a handful of times Friday and gave some thumbs up to your crew. I understand where you are coming from and although we do not have a twitter we support your effort!!!!!

  • adam

    The Police are happy about it…yeah right. I live right up the street from this and the first Saturday the signs were out, I drove down springwood road and the cops had simply moved to the Springwood Chapel parking lot (hiding behind the church building) and were giving out tickets there. The speed trap signs in yoe just forced them to find a new revenue-making location.

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