A Cruel Prank

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A cruel prank leaves a Girl Scout troop with thousands of boxes of cookies unsold.  Now a community is coming together to make it right for these hard working girls.  A troop mom in Portland, Oregon was approached with a corporate order for 6,000 boxes.  But when the time came to pay the $24,000 they got no response from the company.  Turns out it was all a hoax.  And it was a tough blow to the Girl Scouts who depend on those profits to help fund summer camp.  But neighbors came to action and lined up to buy the extras.  The troop sold more than 3,000 boxes so far.  They will be selling them again next weekend.


  • Kerin

    what a sad way to take advantage of young people. I would imagine this is the reason, however, that customers who place orders for GS cookies are to pay in cash before the troops actually order the cookies. good to see the community stepping in to help them.

  • tap

    it is sad they took advantage of these girls… BUT!!!!!! I think they should get more than .50 per box they sell…. they do all the work to sell them

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