Missing! Lancaster County girl, Adrian Battick

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In Lancaster County, West Hempfield Township police are asking for help in locating a 14 year old girl who never showed up at school Monday.  Police say Adrian Battick is in 9th grade at Hempfield High School.  She was last seen at home Monday morning by her mother but never made it to the bus stop at the intersection of Columbia Avenue and Lincoln West Drive east of Mountville Borough.  The school also rep0rted her absent.

Adrian is about 5’3″ and weighs 130 pounds.  She has long, red hair and was last seen wearing blue jeans and a purple winter coat with a fur collar.

If you have any information, call police at 717-285-5191 or 1-800-957-2677.

She has been found! Read more.


  • Mary Dailey

    Sickos like Jimbo are just the reason police, parents and friends of this young girl are frantically looking for her. Just remember, Jimbo. Karma!!!!!

  • Christine

    Please if anyone has seen my niece walking on Route 30 in Mountville, Pa towards Prospect Ave. She is autisic and has been out since 7 am. Please post any info. __

  • Anonymous

    Before I started driving, I went on the bus with her. It really hits home how anything can change in an instant. She is in my thoughts and prayers.

  • britts

    i am all the way in california and i saw this facebook post! prayers that someone, somewhere, sees this post on facebook or the internet and lets her be returned safe and sound! prayers all the way from the west coast for this girl and her family!

  • Heather

    sending out my thoughts and prayers for this child,her family and loved ones that they find her safely and get her home with her family

  • Christine

    Please if anyone has seen my niece walking on Route 30 in Mountville, Pa towards Prospect Ave. She is autisic and has been out since 7 am. Please post any info.

    • Tammy G

      Thank God! I can only imagine the horror your family has been through all day with not knowing where she was, and now how relieved you all must be to have her safe and sound with the family again. God bless her and your family.
      I work at a work training facility for adults with intellectual disability and we have several individuals with autism working there who are near and dear to me.

  • cathy

    West Hempfield Township Police Department

    Missing 14 yr old girl has been located and she is well. Thank you to all who had spread the word and assisted us in locating her

  • Lranee

    prayers for this young girls safe return..May God let her return to her family safely and soon!! the last thing the family needs is to hear such ignorant comments posted by Jimbo or is it Dumbo? how very cruel and evil..and i hope he realizes someone that makes such a sick comment would be someone the police would first look at as a suspect or criminal..ugh..

  • Michelle Cartelami

    Thank you all for trying to help us find her, I got confirmation from the police department that she is safe in a hospital in Elizabethtown PA. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, to whomever brought her there!!!!

  • Tammy G

    hey jerk off are you that dumb that you don't know that you can be traced on computers? evidently you are. And you better start praying to God for forgiveness and for this girls safe return butthead!! You probably have not responded to all the replies 1) because you have realized the gravity of your ignorance or 2) because the police have you detained already and hopefully have you locked up for confessing to committing a crime on a young girl who is still missing. JACK OFF!!

  • cindy

    lord please bring her home to her family safe…..my prayers are with the family…i am sorry you all are going through this

  • Teresa

    Glad she is home safe! I hope they let the public know what happened so we know if we need to be on alert if she was abducted. So scary!

  • Brandon

    she was a weirdo anyways she was rude and awkward in school her parents are lucky to get away from her

  • guest

    wow brandon… you must be a bully in school…. cause the girl is autistic. maybe she doesn't know how to talk to people. what are you scared of people who are different? you must be abused some how by your own family to be saying hateful things like that. i don't know what this jimbo person said but by the sounds of it you two should get along famously. glad she made it home safe.

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