Penn St. Fights McQueary’s Defamation Lawsuit

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Both sides presented arguments related to a civil lawsuit Monday morning pitting former Penn State assistant football coach Mike McQueary against Penn State.   He’s seeking millions in damages because he says he was improperly treated after reporting seeing another former coach, Jerry Sandusky, molest a young boy in the showers in 2001.  Penn State is asking the judge to throw out the lawsuit.  McQueary was not present at Monday’s hearing in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania.  The hearing was over before noon.

Attorneys for Penn State argue there is no defamation because McQueary was a public figure as a coach.  The judge expects to have a decision by late April.

Fox43 had a reporter in the courtroom and will have a full report on what happened on Fox43 News at 6 & 6:30.


  • Sean

    I think had McQueary done what he should have, call the police on Jerry Sandusky, a whole lot of what happened could have been avoided…
    His lack of action is worse than anything the University did or failed to do following that.

    • Rodney

      How can you say that he talked to his father and suggested going to JoePa who then got him in touch with Curly and Schultz who decided not to report it and in fact cover it up. Why is it that McQueary is punished for reporting the incident, JoePa is fired for reporting the incident, but Curly and Schultz got nothing or not much in comparison?

      • Sean

        I can say it because as a parent, if someone is abusing my child, I expect a witness to #1 Stop it! #2 Call the Police!

        Not "give him a look", not talk to my dad about it after the fact, not upchannel it to my boss, to call the cops.

        That is why I place the blame on MeQueary. This is a major issue, easlily should have been stopped by calling the police.

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