Police dog shot in neck returns home

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After a bullet grazed his jugular Friday, two-year-old Zeke got to return home Monday afternoon.

The Harrisburg police dog was shot while officers were trying to arrest 20-year-old Skyler Stewart Friday in Lower Paxton Township. Police say he was wanted for a stabbing and shooting incident that happened overnight.

They tracked him down in a wooded area on Nyes Road. Police say Stewart shot at the officers, hitting Zeke in the neck. Police shot Stewart three times. He died while en route to the hospital.

When Zeke arrived at the Rossmoyne Animal Emergency Medical Center in Cumberland County, the first several hours were tense, veterinarians said.

“It was very delicate when he got inside. There was bruising everywhere,” said Sabrena Meyerhoff, owner of the center.

Zeke went through a two-hour surgery Saturday morning. Meyerhoff credited the quick work of emergency responders in the field for Zeke recovering as quickly as he is.

“And for him to be able to go home today, two days after surgery with 20 sutures on the outside and as many on the inside, it’s just amazing,” said Meyerhoff.

Police Cpl. Ty Meik picked up Zeke Monday afternoon, after spending all weekend worrying about his four-legged partner.

“We’re just really ecstatic that he’s going to make a full recovery and be back on the streets fighting crime with us,” said Capt. Annette Oates.

Meyerhoff said Zeke is expected to return a couple times over the next two weeks for follow-up appointments and to get his stitches removed. He’ll likely be back to work in a month doing light duty, potentially getting back to full speed in two months.

The medical center provided care for Zeke at no cost to the police bureau. Meyerhoff said the center is working with Members 1st Federal Credit Union to set up a fund to help pet owners who can’t afford care.

“So, if someone happens to have a pet that needs emergency care, this fund will be used to help offset those costs, if a person needs that kind of assistance,” said Robert L. Marquette, president and CEO of the credit union.

People interested in donating can stop by any of the credit union’s branches. You can also call the credit union at (717) 795-6000 or the animal hospital at (717) 796-2334.


  • Vicki

    You ALL are WONDERFUL and such a HUGE asset to the Animal World! Please continue what you're doing, especially in helping the Police with their 4 legged Partners, and those Folk's that have furry Babies needing emergency care at no cost to them! Bad things happen at the worse times, and with the economy the way it is, there is just very little money for normal folk's anymore… and it would never fail, something would happen to the Furbabies at the worse time, making Owner's worry sick & fear over what to do…. and You ALL are helping to relieve that fear by givng care… there is not enough Thank You's in the World, or LOVE that can be given to You ALL for Your actions…. so THANK YOU, from the bottom of my soul, for doing what You do! I live in Va Beach, VA & have a Friend who posted this story on FaceBook, she lives up there around You ALL, and when I read what Everyone there did & what You ALL do, it touched me deeply! But THANK YOU again! Prayer's to Everyone there, & ALL the FurBabies You treat! You ALL are HEROS ALSO!!! :-)

  • Scott

    Thank you so much for all you did for Zeke. It just goes to show that there is still compassion in this world. Good bless all who were involved in saving a hero. Deputy Fire Chief Scott Avery. Casco (ME)Fire/Rescue

  • jackie adams

    yes thank you to take care of zeke , those k9 deserve all the care they deserve , they are doing their duty and human should treat those k9 with love and respect.

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