Single Payer Healthcare Plan

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A Pennsylvania senator is introducing a bill that would provide affordable healthcare for all residents.  Sen. Jim Ferlo wants to implement a single payer healthcare plan.  It will provide medical, dental, vision, prescription and mental healthcare coverage for every Pennsylvanian.  Ferlo says access to healthcare shouldn’t be affiliated with employment.  The single payer healthcare plan would also reduce and control overall costs of providing coverage.  Businesses would have lower payroll costs, lower administrative costs and would reduce wasteful spending.


  • HowIgnorantRU?

    How dare he suggest something so simple like the Social Security system. People are gonna bash him good over this idea.

    • jkhend

      Medicare, at 2% administrative costs, is far less wasteful than corporate insurance coverage, which is at least 15% and often exceeds 25% administrative costs. Obamacare allows states like Pennsylvania to adopt a different plan providing it provides more comprehensive care at lower cost, which this Single Payer bill does.

      • Jeremy

        The 2% you cite ignores the rampant fraud and abuse of the Medicare system.
        Do we want years long waiting lists, lower quality medical care, and a one size fits all system like in the UK?
        The intentions of Ferlo may be good, but his idea has been implement in the UK. No thanks.

        • Austin

          Hi Jeremy, interesting point but have you lived in the UK? I am from South Central PA myself and have lived in two countries in Europe for several years. I have used systems in both European countries in which I have lived, including emergency care. And having spent 24 years of my life in Pennsylvania before moving here, I feel that I am actually in a position to make a comparison. The verdict: The health care systems in Europe are vastly superior to the US in virtually every way. If the NHS in the UK is such a disaster, why does it still exist? In fact, take this to the next level. If forms of universal health care are such catastrophes in general, why does it still exist in dozens of nations? If it was so terrible you would think that at least one of the countries of Western Europe, or Canada, Australia or Japan would have privatized everything by now to the extent that it is in the US or even more so. Not even one has, let alone several or all. If this passes, and you truly despise it, you can move to one of the other 48 (assuming Vermont enacts its own plan) states and enjoy the "freedom" to pay more and have the restrictions of the monopolistic health insurance giants dictate what type of coverage you should have. This last statement of mine is the real key. A single payer or highly regulated system provides more freedom than a private system. I have more freedom to chose treatments and doctors in Europe than I ever had in the US.

  • Lorenzo Canizares

    Some people doesn't seem to be aware that in Europe everybody has health care, paying half of what we pay here for a broken system (no prior conditions allowed, etc.), and people live longer. I am sure that House Republicans and their disciples in the state legislature will consider to be this unacceptable!

  • Joe


    • Jeremy

      Ferlo relies on his good intentions so "all can get medical care". His constituents in Pittsburgh must not know about the medical disaster of the NHS in the UK.
      The USA is the land of the free, and home of the brave. Socialists and their terrible ideas need not apply.

  • PA Citizen

    This single-payer plan would save our government and private employers literally BILLIONS of dollars, help our economy grow and produce more jobs, while providing much greater choice and freedom in terms of people getting their healthcare.

    With our state needing both money and jobs, i's a total no brainer that this should be passed — but unfortunately a lot of folks in charge apparently either have no brains or deaf ears.

    • Joe

      What would save it is THE MARKET PLACE!!!! People Buying across state lines the current health care systems etc was created by TEDDY "SHEMP" Kennedy!! HMOS everythin was Shemps idea…This Idea that govt and business would save billions is utter nonsense its psuedo thought get over it!!!! Its part of emplouee benefits package theyarent passing that money to employess ..No onewill be able to afford anything paying 20 thousand a year for a family of 4 lol grow up!!! OBAMACARE IS DEAD LONG LIVE FREEDOM!!

  • BradleyBoltz

    Just read the bill you bunch of Joe McCarthy -Head's-IN-The-Sand-Wannabees! What's the matter with commonsense? Have you tried purchasing affordable(and equally important-USABLE?) heath insurance in the past 15 to 20 years? If you're getting it "free" through work then you have no idea of what it's really costing you via your actual salary (and the rest of us via increased costs of goods or services provided/produced by your company).__We have been a socialized(not Communist) nation for a long time with Social Security, gov't pensions, military pensions, medicare, unemployment compensation etc. So don't talk so stupid you bunch of narrow minded overreactionary idiot naysayers! You need to read the bill, your current selection of medical care providers (doctors ) is severely limited by the constraints of your current health insurance companies and their need and greed to make profit. Their bottom line is profit, not your good health. The only reason the major insurance companies care about your health is so that they can increase their profit margins.It was no better under Reagan, Clinton, Bush and especially Obama so get behind the Single Payer Plan and get healthy.

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