Meteor sightings reported from Florida to Massachusetts

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Residents on the East Coast have reported seeing a bright streak flash across the sky, leading many to believe it was possibly a meteor.

The sightings were reported in Boston, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Washington D.C. and northern Virginia, according to the report by Bloomberg News.

People reportedly saw a massive blue/green streak flash through the skies and hundreds of people took to Twitter to report seeing the flash.

‘What most people saw was a very bright meteor,’ Ron Dantowitz of the Clay Center Observatory in Brookline, Massachusetts told WBZ-TV.

‘What was unusual about this one is that it was seen by so many people in so many different states.’

According to the Washington Post, eye witnesses said the meteor traveled from west to east in the northeast sky.

‘[I] definitely witnessed what appeared to be a shooting star around 8 o clock, which then burst into a beaming red/green glow,’ one user wrote, with another adding, ‘It was greenish blue in color and could be seen disintegrating.’

Unconfirmed reports from a local TV station, WBOC-TV, stated it could have possibly landed near the Maryland/Delaware line.

WBOC meteorologist Dan Satterfield wrote that there were ‘reports of sound as well including one report of a “popcorn” sound. This is not unusual in bright meteors. It likely burned up before reaching the ground.’

The meteor is believed to have broken up into three pieces.

The claimed sightings on Friday came five weeks after a meteor exploded over Chelyabinsk Oblast, Russia.  Nearly 1,500 people were injured.



Video was captured. You can read more and see the video by clicking here.


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