Prosecutor wants Punxsutawney Phil put to death for poor prediction

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Pennsylvania’s famous weather prognosticator is being sued by an Ohio prosecutor for misrepresenting an early spring.

Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow on Groundhog’s Day earlier this year, which, according to legend, means that spring will come early.  But, the northeast has continued to see snow and temperatures in the teens.  Now, the Ohio lawyer wants to hold the predicting rodent personally responsible for his false predictions.  In fact, Attorney Mike Gmoser is seeking the death penalty.

“When I came to work in the wind and the cold, I said to  myself something is wrong with Phil.  You know Punxsutawney has some answers  that he needs to give, and I think I’m just going to have to indict him,” Gmoser said.

Neither Phil or anyone from the Groundhog Club’s Inner Circle has commented on the case.

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    • Andrew

      Are you dumb that you can't understand sarcasm and satire from a politician wanting to stay in the news… state education at its finest…

    • jackie

      i agree…really he has nothing better to do? …is crime that low there?…I think not…he is obviously overpaid and should not be put back in office for wasting everyone's time…hey go catch a criminal!!

  • Donna

    Sounds like this guy figured out a way to get his name out there for free! If this were a viable case many of our weathermen and women would be in grave danger! ;-)

  • Teresa

    LMAO People what do you not understand here, no matter what there will ALWAYS be 6 more weeks of winter, stop relying on a damn groundhog!!! This is NOT unusual to have winter weather at the very start of spring!!
    But, yes Donna I agree with you over the years even the weathermen/women can't give an accurate prediction.

  • mandy

    I believe prosecution should be brought against this guy for abusing the new's valuable time. There is more important things going on in the world that should have that time, than some man that is crazy and trying to kill an animal that has no clue what is going on. My mom taught me not to call people names, but this guy is STUPID…….

    • yep21

      From my experience controversy makes headlines and this is a great way to get your name out there. I don’t agree with the subject matter yet, if anything he’s alot smarter then what you think because the truth is…. We’re sitting here talking about it ;-)

  • shadow

    get a real life and no mater what the ground hog says you still have 6 weeks of winter left do the math and you are a lawyer what about are animal rights please give up yout lawyer license

  • Linda

    Maybe this guy should sue mother nature. Must not be able to win as a lawyer so he has to pick on a poor groundhog.

  • Greg

    "Neither Phil or anyone from the Groundhog Club’s Inner Circle has not commented on the case."

    So what did they say?

  • Jackie

    This is just pathetic. What does this teach our children whose innocence is ripped away far too early these days as it is? They don't understand sarcasm or an idiot politico trying to get his name in the news. All they see anymore is sue, sue, sue and ads that show it's okay to be violent and fight over the cookie or cream part of an Oreo while you bust up a library of all places. Sad misuse of the media who has nothing better to do than blow everything out of proportion as it is with their half truths and suppositions.

  • anonymous

    Wow! Is this for real? Some people are dumb. I think this guy just wanted his few minutes of fame to get his name out.

  • Tonia Gibbs

    God is in control of the weather no one else. That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard . He is a joke ,he must need some attention from the public.

  • Vicki

    First of all misrepresentation is a civil offense, and no civil offense carries a death penalty; secondly you have to prove intent and I don't believe such a thing has ever been established in rodents, though there is a case in 1386 from Europe regarding a pig (pig, hog, maybe that's his basis?!)… Thirdly, YOU CAN'T HAVE HIM MIKE GMOSER, YOU EVIL, HORRIBLE, TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE, PERSON!!!!!! Pttthhhh!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Really? I think the guy should lose his bar license for being a moron and suing an animal! Really idiot? How's that going to look on a resume…I sued a groundhog…*suggests individual need severe mental help

  • Vickie

    Lol this is the craziest thing I have heard, That guy is old enough and been around long enough in this world to know that yeah we let the ground hog predict the weather but we all know it is up to mother nature what we get. Get a life dude and use your career for something useful.

  • slikklipps

    I think somebody needs to do a mental check on the prosecutor. What another waste of money….that's all this nation needs.

  • duhhhhh

    Obviously a joke, ya bunch of idiots……. makes dealing with the 20 degrees below last years temps more bearable.

  • quickwil1

    OMG, Really? I can't believe the number of people getting fired up about this…. Too Feaking funny…. Look I grew up In Pa, and been here a large part of my life… I know it’s a tradition…. A bunch of guys get dressed up in funny clothes and welcome in spring by talking to a ground hog…. This leads to a question in its self…. “How Drunk or high were the originators of this odd tradition?” (Point: If I would tell my coworkers I was going out to the woods and ask Mr. Stinky Skunk if it was going to rain tomorrow, you could bet I would be on the list to get drug tested….)

  • quickwil1

    The problem is this has become a tradition…. And hard core traditionalists will stand firm in their position and fight no matter how obscure the tradition is….. One poster asked, “what is this teaching our kids?” Well, As for me I would like to teach our Kids, That truth is brought about with hard work and discipline, rather than sitting and waiting on some mystical guidance to fall in their lap weather from a ground hog a bat or a bird…. I would also hope they would learn to never fear going against tradition….. Just because, this is the way it has always been done, does not mean it is the right way. __So in conclusion… To the lawyer who found his way into his few minutes of fame, Hats off to you for not only making me laugh, but also fore rocking the boat enough to get people thinking….__

  • Faith

    Next thing you know they will be suing because there's no Santa Claus or Easter Bunny. Get a life and grow up. There's more things in life than worrying about suing a poor animal.

  • barry

    Figures a prosecutor would waste his time on this. Is he a state prosecutor? Sounds like something our government would waste their time on.

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