Three Central Pa counties rank among highest for texting while driving citations

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March marks the first year anniversary since the texting while driving ban went into effect, according to AAA Mid-Atlantic. “You can’t drive a mile down the street without seeing probably at least 35% or more that are having some sort of conversation on a phone or texting,” said Sgt. Jeff Dunbar with York Area Regional Police.

In York County police issued 65 citations, 31 in Dauphin County, and 29 in Lancaster County since the law went into effect. This ranks York County as 6th, Dauphin County as 9th, and Lancaster County as 11th.  Statewide 1,302 citations were issued with the highest number (243) in Philadelphia. “Wow! Six?! is pretty bad though especially for how small we are,” said Tiffany Jones of York. “My boyfriend does it. He’s always texting and driving, he’s pulling up videos and driving, all that kind of stuff. That’s why I normally do the driving. I have the keys.”

“My husband does that. It scares me! We have kids and I’m afraid, the road has curves, there are elderly people who drive on the road and you have to be so careful. It rains, the weather changes and you’re on your phone, it’s scary,” said Christa Young of York. “I park my car and I get on Facebook if I want to say something. I park it! You have to just be careful.”

A spokesperson for AAA says the number in reality is a lot higher but it’s hard to determine how many people actually text while driving. It’s also hard to enforce. “It’s really difficult to enforce, number one, and then number two, see through the prosecution phase,” said Dunbar. “I think it’s a good law but it’s one it’s kind of hard to enforce.”If you’re looking on your phone and not paying attention to the road what if God forbid something happens, you have to be careful.”

The law went into effect on March 8, 2012 after being signed into law in November 2011 by Governor Tom Corbett. The penalty for texting while driving is a $50 citation.

County Citations
Philadelphia 243
Montgomery 111
Allegheny 110
Delaware 75
Bucks 67
York 65
Chester 49
Lehigh 32
Dauphin 31
Luzerne 30
Lancaster 29


  • HowIgnorantRU?

    Keep those mysterious head-on crashes and single-vehicle off-the-road crashes coming. We haven't heard of one for about 2 weeks. We're overdue. R U next?

  • HowIgnorantRU?

    Texting while driving is an ignorant law that is nearly impossible to enforce. It's only valuable from a lawsuit perspective after a crash occurs and also has some value in prevention through awareness.

  • No fool

    I have friends that look at me will they drive having a conversation. I tell them repeatedly to watch the road but they have a habit of looking at someone while the talk. How would you prove this had happen with no survivors in a crash. Even adjusting the radio can be enough to time to get in trouble. If the text-er misses you the drunk won't. Drive defensively, your life depends on it.

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