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Easter egg hunt for visually impaired children

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It was all smiles Saturday afternoon for a special group of children. The visually impaired youngsters  hunted Easter eggs in York County.
Each egg emitted a beeping sound, or said phrases like “I’m hiding” so the children would be able to find them. Some kids also decorated Easter baskets and made cards.
The organizer says the event teaches the children problem solving skills; something they will need as they grow up and face new challenges.
Bill Rhinesmith, President of Forsight Vision says, “One of the things we know we’re going to have to address with them, because these children are different, is they’re probably going to be exposed to bullying, so we need to make sure our parents and our children are prepared for that. The teen years are difficult as it is. I think to be a teenager and have a vision impairment and be different when you want to be like everybody else is going to be difficult.”
This is the third year for the event sponsored by Forsight Vision.
The organization provides services to people with visual impairments.