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Postal workers rally to save six-day delivery schedule

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Neither snow, nor rain, and now — not even the threat of a shorter work week will keep United States Postal Service letter carriers from doing their daily rounds.

The USPS has been delivering mail for more than 225 years, but postal service employees are now fighting to keep that tradition going on Saturdays.

“I work for the people I deliver mail to. They count on me to be there every day. They count on me to take their mail, they count on me to deliver their mail. We should not lose that,” said Sharie Sheffer, a USPS letter carrier.

Sheffer was one of more than 100 people who showed up for a rally to save six-day mail delivery at the Lower Paxton Township Post Office in Dauphin County on Sunday.

“I’ve been working there for 31 years. There’s no difference between a Saturday, Tuesday, Wednesday. It’s all important. It’s important for the American people to get their mail on Saturday and it’s important for us to keep that business,” Sheffer said.

The USPS announced a plan last month to only deliver mail Monday through Friday in an effort to save about $2 billion a year. The move would also cut more than 22,000 jobs.

The change would have gone into effect August 5, but Congress passed a bill last week that will keep six-day delivery going through the end of September.

Even with the new deadline in place, USPS letter carriers plan to keep battling as hard as they can to save Saturday delivery indefinitely.

“People who care about jobs should be here. People who care about this country should be here,” said Jeffrey Petrocy, who is married to a longtime USPS letter carrier.

If the five-day delivery plan does take effect later this year, packages and mail addressed to PO boxes will still be delivered on Saturdays.



  • Guest

    I can honestly say that the post office in Lower Paxton Township, and its employees, are the worst that I've dealt with in years. Maybe if you all weren't so lazy and I couldn't hear two of you having a loud conversation behind the partition while 12 people stood in line for 1 open register, you wouldn't be at risk of losing Saturday delivery. Getting to this rally was probably the fastest any of you have moved in years. Not only is the service horrible, but the attitudes customers get from the employees is also ridiculous. I apologize for coming to pick up a package that you have to retrieve from the back, but that is your job, so you shouldn't roll your eyes at me while you're doing it. If I performed my job as poorly as the employees at this particular post office, I sure wouldn't have a job for very long. Maybe they should use their energy towards helping customers, instead of plotting their next rally.

    • guest

      Actually you are referring to a "clerk" at the post office. Not the ones out on the street walking mile after mile every day. The clerks in the post office will still be working on Saturdays. This move effects the letter carrier. Please get the facts right. The problem you have is inside the post office and we all know our job. You probably came in the post office with the attitude that you have right now. That certainly doesn't help. I guarantee you that most people couldn't handle the physical and mental abuse we face daily. You have no idea…if you worked for the incompetent supervisors we do you would realize all of our energy is used to go to work and face it everyday

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