Move over for emergency vehicles or pay up – Tonight on FOX43 News At Ten

It’s Spring. Really.

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The early-Spring snow storm dumped a few inches of snow throughout the region, even giving kids in Franklin County what could be their last snow day of the season.

And judging by what many people told FOX43, that’s not such a bad thing.

“I’m waiting for the hot weather so I can ride the motorcycle, go camping, fishing and all the other great stuff there is  in Franklin County,” said Andrew Snyder, of Waynesboro.

Snow fell on top of springtime decorations giving a Christmastime feel to downtown Chambersburg just days before Easter.

Emergency officials say all morning the county saw one minor crash on Interstate 81.

Managers of the Rita’s store in East York tried to heat up business by offering a 40 percent discount to customers Monday who were willing to ignore the freezing temperatures outside and indulge in a cold treat.

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    On your clips of the early spring storm your last picture was of a large “at at” star wars walker.where is this picture taken at we are huge fans and were excited to see it.

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