Late season snow today

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…A Winter Weather Advisory is in effect for our area until 8PM tonight….

LATE SEASON SNOW:  Here we go…..again.  Another complex and tricky to forecast snowfall is unfolding across the region today.  A low pressure system is fizzing to our west as a coastal low robs its energy.  This plays an important role in our forecast today.  Snowfall totals will be tricky because of warm ground and “warm” air.  These will play a role in what we see, when, and how long it all sticks around.  So, here’s our best stab at this latest headache.

Snow will overspread the area through the early morning hours.  Expect the heaviest snowfall to occur between roughly 5AM and 1PM.  Snow will take a little while to cool the ground and will begin accumulating on grassy areas and elevated surfaces.  Eventually, the roads will start to cover with snow.  Snow continues through the early afternoon scattered at times.  Temps will be rising into the middle and upper 30s.  So as the heaviest stuff begins to break up, scattered snow showers will begin to mix with some rain.  This will essentially shut off the accumulations across the area.

Generally, we’re looking at a 2-4” snowfall for most.  Some spots just to our west and close to Maryland may see up to 6”.  There will be pockets of higher and lower amounts, so the map below is a rough guide on snow potential, not guaranteed totals in your backyard.  Areas to the north may get away with only a light coating to a few inches.

Snow Potential

This is our latest look at the POTENTIAL for snowfall today. Some spots will see a bit more and others a bit less, but this is a general idea of what may happen today.

Most of the snow/rain mix is done by evening, but a few leftover flakes and drops may be around overnight.  Tuesday, we’re on the back side of the low and a cold pocket of air sits aloft.  We could see a few scattered rain/snow showers but they will be isolated in nature as temps rise into the low 40s.

SLOWLY WARMING:  We continue to slowly warm each day as the upper level energy slowly moves east.  Clouds linger through late week with an isolated shower not out of the question, but we’re mainly dry.  By the time we roll into Friday, we’ll see more sunshine and temps will hit 50°.

EASTER WEEKEND:  It’s looking mild and dry for the Easter weekend right now.  Temps will be in the low 50s with sunshine on Saturday and a few clouds on Sunday.

Happy Monday.  Stay safe today.

– Jeff Jumper, Fox43 Morning Meteorologist
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