Neighbors capture video of school bus hitting car

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The early morning snow-fall making for a very dangerous commute this morning. This is video captured by York County Homeowner Lance Peters of a bus slowly making its way up East High Street in Red Lion.  The bus slips, slides and eventually hits a van along the street. Five students were on the bus, luckily no one was hurt.

York Area Regional Police are investigating. Officer George McGee says the driver did not realize he hit anything. He will not be cited.


  • Driver

    Wtf is your point in posting this?

    We as drivers were sent out to drive in this crap! Do you think it was easy!?!? Bus drivers are taken for granted, under appreciated and paid NOTHING! This person should be ashamed for taping this!!! We should be attacking school districts not humiliating drivers!

    • Tammy

      Awe, I don't take it as an insult to the bus driver. It makes me mad at the school district for putting the driver and students at risk. I think if anyone is responsible for damages, it would be the school district. I give a lot of credit to bus drivers for numerous reasons. It's a big responsibility!

    • Lance Peters

      I'm the one that taped it. Feel free to come and we'll talk about it. I filmed it not to catch anyone doing anything wrong. It just turns out that the driver hit and ran. he smacked into this van and the telephone pole at the top of the street. In no way was this to insult the driver. Only to insult the schools and their decision to not cancel. I have the upmost respect for the bus drivers. But the fact is that THIS ONE failed to report the accident. That is considered a felony hit and run for anyone else. He should be held responsible for his actions just as anyone else would be.

      • Rick Fritz

        Lance ever driven one? No didn't think so! You can backpedal all you want, by the way ever run a red light? Turn yourself in? That car coming the other way 'may' have had kids in it! Just something to think about Lance baby! P.S. I've driven those style buses there noisy without kids an it's easy to not notice glancing off a car or pole, very easy! The driver has had 1,000 times more training than you'll ever have! So instead of being a jerk, get off your fat, lazy butt and put down the cell phone, quit texting and driving, and come learn how to drive a bus, we need all the drivers we can get, so instead of laughing at someone who didn't want to be out there but was doing there JOB. HELP Out!

        • Anonymous

          Where was there any laughter in this video? I sure didn’t hear it. Assuming Lance is fat, lazy and a jerk is completely immature and you have nothing to base it off of. I see a video of a person who hit a vehicle and didn’t do anything about it. The person was obviously shocked (as well as many others considering how many times it has been shared on the Internet) that it happened. Somebody needs to chill out.

        • Lance Peters

          I normally work 7 days a week to provide for my family. I took off of work today to take care of my children. We walked out the front door and saw the bus spinning. The guys at work were heckling me for taking off, so I decided to video the bus spinning to show them tomorrow what it was like here. It was not to insult anyone, it just so happens the video caught a felony hit and run. Yes, felony hit and run. Regardless of the circumstances, the driver is responsible. Take a better look at the video, does it look like I am in a car or driving. I'm standing on my front porch. I haven't gotten into a car all day, hence why I took off of work. Also notice the handicapped sign that the van is parked at. They have enough problems as it is. They didn't have to deal with this. If not for this video, they'd have to pay for the repairs on their own. From what you're saying Rick, you'd be ok with someone hitting your vehicle and driving away and saying "I didn't know i hit anything." causing you to pay for your damages. Is that correct? Because that's what it means when you said what you did. I think it might be safe to assume you are the driver, am I right Rick? A simple accident would have been forgiven and forgotten, but obviously you feel guilty about something. You see, I am asking questions and not mentioning what I REALLY think of you. I don't think you would like to hear what I think. Remember, I was there. YOU were not. I will NOT result to insulting someone on the internet because that is very immature. We are adults caring for our children. Maybe you are in the wrong profession. AGAIN, THIS WAS NOT MEANT AS AN INSULT TO ANY BUS DRIVERS. YOU ALL ARE TROOPERS GOING OUT AND DOING A JOB VERY FEW OF THE REST OF US WOULD WANT TO DO. I PRAISE YOU. But my point is, no matter if this was a school bus, military vehicle, police car, ambulance, or just plain joe schmoo, everyone is responsible for the damages they cause. End of story. ONCE MORE FOR ABSOLUTE CLARITY, THIS WAS NOT MEANT AS A HIT ON THE BUS COMPANIES, BUT A HIT ON THE SCHOOL DISTRICTS FOR NOT TAKING THE PROPER MEASURES.

          • Lance Peters

            Seriously, people are thinking about this entirely too much. No harm was meant. If just so happened the neighbor called the cops to report the accident and knew I had the video, therefore I was brought into this mess. Do everyone a favor and stop trying to assume things that aren't true. I WAS THERE. I FILMED THE ACCIDENT. I HAD NO IDEA THERE WOULD BE AN ACCIDENT. IF I COULD DO IT AGAIN, I'D HAVE STAYED IN THE HOUSE AND AVOIDED ALL OF THIS. IT WAS AN ACCIDENT THAT JUST HAPPENED TO GET FILMED. SERIOUSLY, GET OVER IT. ACCIDENTS HAPPEN ALL THE TIME AND YOU'D BE GLAD IF IT WAS YOUR CAR THAT WAS HIT AND RAN ON.

          • Lance Peters

            Maybe these bus drivers who are commenting that it's ok to hit peoples vehicles and run, not reporting it, and causing the owners of the vehicles to pay for the damages they substain, should have their credentials reviewed. I know I wouldn't want my kids riding in a bus driven by someone who thinks that way. I'll have to call Officer McGee tomorrow and see if he'll reconsider his decision to not issue the citations.

    • just sayin

      You are still responsible for your vehicle, I don't care what the circumstances are. No humiliation is involved, it was an accident. But if the driver didn't know he hit a vehicle, how alert is he?? Roads were bad, he had an accident, its part of his job to drive in bad weather, now own up! End of story!!

      • gotta love it

        Tsk tsk, just sayin. You have no clue. Like Rick said, those buses are very noisy and it's very easy to swipe something without being aware of it, especially when it's the rearend of the bus. You've obviously never driven anything larger than a 4 wheel vehicle either. …"didn't know he hit a vehicle, how alert is he?" Oh my…that's almost not even worthy of a response. He was more alert than most other drivers on the road this morning, I'd bet money on that….because he had a 14 1/2 ton toboggan to navigate uphill, and most importantly, he had other people's precious cargo onboard…their children. Go get trained and drive a school bus for a while, especially in conditions like these….I bet you'll be a PERFECT driver.

      • Durham Driver

        trust me you are alert in that big thing. It is easy to clip something and not know it. He did own up the whole story isn't printed. The driver is a very good driver and never had this kind of problem.

  • Michelle Tyson

    Wow, real nice! Cancel for a dusting and put our children at risk on a day like today! Maybe the superintendent should be sited!

  • Concerned Parent

    I have complained to Central York a few times about their decesions on days like today. Their main concern is when school will end and not childrens safety. If anything ever should happen I can tell you the person making these choices will be sued along with the district.

  • Shannon

    This was done tastefully to make a point to the school districts that their very qualified drivers were made to put themselves as well as our children’s lives at risk today! This video in no way is humiliating to drivers nor disrespectful. If you listen the man in the video even says ” way to go forecasters”! Nothing at all was said negatively about the bus or the driver! If you as the driver are offended, then you must feel guilty for doing something wrong, like driving away when you know darn well you hit something, hence putting those 5 children on your bus in even more danger!

  • Anonymous

    I must be crazy, but I find myself wondering why instead of picking at the driver of the bus, why are the people taping this video & any of the parents, raising holy hell with the school district for forcing the children & the bus drivers to be put at risk on what were so obviously dangerous streets & roadways!!!

  • Just Sayin

    I can't believe the driver did not know he hit something, law says we are to be responsible for our vehicles at ALL times. Yes it was an accident, but it was a school bus which in my opinion makes the driver even more accountable. I chose to stay home cause if I wreck my vehicle then I have no way to work, to me missing one day is better than no transportation at all. If any other vehicle would have done this we would be cited.
    I just don't understand why the schools don't use the 1 to 2 hour delay system when snow is forecast like this and then use that extra time to make a more logical call. They can announce it the night before and give parents time to make arrangements instead of all the guessing games. In Red Lion, they are more worried about playing musical schools with teachers!!

  • Driver 48

    I am a driver and was out in this mess today with your children’s lives in my hand. I am more than furious that the schools did not use better judgement in their decisions to not close. I will say, from experience it is tough to navigate the big yellow tank, however, I am NOT offended by this video!! Again NOT offended. I really don’t understand why everyone is assuming the driver is being blamed. I am glad a by stander recorded this 1 to prove we struggled today on the roads and risked precious lives! Personally since I am a fellow driver I can say I feel if you are offended, maybe you feel a sense of guilt because you may have felt like you could have hit something but just didn’t want to admit it for pride! Leave the guy who recorded this alone, he said nothing that would slander anyone and just posted a video and looks like TV took it where they wanted. Is anyone beating up on the people that posted the other accidents around town, nope, only this one! That to me spells guilt!

    • Lance Peters

      Thank you very VERY much Driver 48. You understood everything perfectly. Thank you. If anything, this was meant to help you and your fellow drivers in the future. Thank you.

  • 26-year driver

    I find nothing wrong with Lance video taping. It's his prerogative. (I did not listen to audio)

    I will not pass judgement on the driver without more information that I will never get nor am I privy to.

    I will judge that the buses should have had chains on. There would have been much much much less sliding in the hard slush with chains. You can blame the school, blame the driver, blame the borough for not keeping on top of the roads or whomever you want. Route 30 was the dividing line between heavy snow and light snow totals. Tough call for everyone and once you make a decision you kind of have to stick with it and will get the fallout of criticism no matter what decision you made. The ultimate decision for the parents is whether you keep the kids home. No one forces you to send them out. The drivers can also call out to refuse to drive. The teachers can call out. No one forces anyone to do anything.

    As a driver, I would think that that strike of the van would be detectable. I was not in that situation but recall that once I was not able to see that I was rubbing on a parked car in a parking lot nor initially "feel" it. As far as Lance saying the bus also hit a pole, I did not see that in the video.

    As a veteran, I would recommend NEVER to have bus stops on hills AND keep bus routes off narrow streets. This is rarely ever considered when making bus routes because parents and kids want convenience when they want convenience and are not professionals when considering days that are iffy like this one. Of course that angers those who are adamant that any snowflake means cancel school. Unfeasible and unpractical. If you are that oversensitive, there are home schools and Internet schools for you or you may choose to drive yourself or not send children to school. Your call. Don't get up in arms at everyone else when you have many other choices.

  • MyTakeOnIt

    Felony Hit & Run?

    Not a felony in this case.
    Accident. Fender-bender.

    Check the camera system inside the bus to see if he/she gave High-Fives to the kids when hitting that target. And if you don't hear the driver saying, "Oh Crap!" then he/she probably had no idea the bus dinged that van.

  • laughing at driver

    bus driver was wrong if they dont know they had a fender bender then maybe he should have better control of bus and all the children inside it.
    never drove a bus,dont care to. they should not have sent him out in that crap,but still accidents happen ( but you could have and should have stopped ) if someone was hurt you would be in jail already,,since its just a fender bender its okay. the law is there to protect us and work for us so why is this driver any different?
    he knew i dont care what he says..honesty is the best policy………………….thank GOD my kids arent on that bus it would have been me on t.v.

    • Durham Driver

      way too hard on the driver. He didn't not know he hit something. When the children were asked they said that they didn't feel anything. Believe me when I say you CAN hit something and not know it in a school bus. That driver is a good driver and loves his kids. Please don't be so hard on him. Everyone that I drive with will ALWAYS put the kids safety first on their bus. don't think any differently. You have to have a love for children when you have this job.

  • anonymous

    I Must Say This. I Personally Know The Bus Driver, And After Having A Talk With Him Last Night He Knew He Hit A Vehicle. Was Scared To Lose His License As A Result. Sorry Bud But Your Wrong I Told Him And Without Hesitation He Chuckled And Said No Fines No Worries. Sorry Friend But You No Longer Deserve To Drive Children Around.TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR ACTIONS

  • Lori

    I see nothing wrong with the video. The driver had to have felt the contact the bus made with the van. But the driver was concentrating on maneuvering the bus through the line of parked vehicles and I am sure the children on the bus were making noise. It is entirely possible that he did not register the impact. When a school district makes a determination on road conditions, the contracting bus company should be involved in the decision making process as well. Whether this was the case or not in Red Lion, we don't know. But in the past buses were equipped with chains on days like this. I would like to know what criteria the school superintendent used to make the determination that the buses should run when all other districts delayed and eventually closed.

  • annoymous

    I think the bus drivers skills need to be tested again. My daughter rides that bus an today she said came home from school An said they now have a new route N the bus driver hit a stop sign today…she said it was so loud it sounded like a gun shot in the bus. An he never stopped just continued on driving. . .

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