Snowstorm brings out crews to work, families to play

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The spring snowstorm that hit central Pennsylvania Monday, dumping several inches of snow, made for an early and long workday for some, but for others, it was all about having a good time before it all melted.

Snow lovers Kristin Marland, 9, and her dad, Nathan Renkes, just couldn’t wait to get out their sleds in the last bit of snow our area will probably see in a while.

“I like to make snow angels and snowball fights with my dad and I also like to make snowmen,” Marland said.

“I love getting out in the snow with her,” Renkes said. “It’s a good time.”

The snow wasn’t all about fun and games. At the end of the day, someone had to clean it up.

“I’m shoveling it. I’m dealing with it, and I hope it ends soon,” said Stacie Seifert of Lancaster.

Over in Gettysburg, Dave Schrider and his shovel were hard at work, up early clearing sidewalks for businesses.

“For me it’s great because it gives me a lot of quick business,” said Dave Schrider of Dave Schrider Services. “It’s good.”

Up even earlier than Schrider were PennDOT crews, treating and plowing roadways, often dealing with dangerous conditions themselves.

“Slow as we go, it’s pretty slick out there still,” said Doug Etter of PennDOT Adams County.

For those who didn’t have to be out on the roads, it was a day to just be a kid, no matter what your age.

“I’ll take what I can get, this is, get out and make the best of it, we had some good snow!” Renkes said.

“I had a wonderful time!” added Marland.

By nightfall, there was still a good layer of snow on grassy surfaces, but the roads were all clear.