Family of 15-year-old murder case still looking for answers

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witmanYork- The family of a 13-year-old boy that was found savagely murdered in his York County home is looking to have the case reopened.  A suspect has already been tried and convicted for the crime.  That suspect is the victim’s own brother.

This was a horrific case with lots of twists and turns.  Thirteen-year-old Gregory Witman was stabbed over 60 times and almost decapitated inside his New Freedom home.  His then 15-year-old brother, Zach Witman was charged and convicted of the crime.  However, the parents have always believed in their son’s innocence and are now calling on investigators to reopen the case.

This is 13-year-old Gregory Witman just before his death in October of 1998.  The teen was savagely murdered after coming home from school one afternoon.  Police arrested and charged his older brother Zach seven days after the crime.  According to the Witman family, police found bloody gloves and a tiny penknife almost 12 hours after arriving at the crime scene.  That penknife was determined to be the murder weapon.

But the family and a panel of experts they have hired have disputed that claim.  They say there was no blood, fingerprints or DNA that matched Zach found on the knife or gloves found at the scene.  Edge weapon expert George Matheis said in a recent interview with the York Daily Record that the penknife could not have delivered the fatal cuts.

“After reviewing the autopsy report and looking what was submitted as evidence, my first inclination based on my experience and expertise is no, this is not the murder weapon,” said George Matheis.

The Witman family hired the services of Matheis along with former detectives from New York and Maryland to take a look at the case.  They also claim there is new forensic evidence developed by Forensic Scientist Dr. Henry Lee, all of which point to another killer besides Zach Witman.

The Witman family is looking to have investigators reopen the case.  They have scheduled a news conference for later today to release their new findings.  At this point, Zach Witman’s case is currently before the Pennsylvania Supreme Court as attorneys are asking for a new trial based upon ineffective counsel.

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