Gay Straight Alliance Club may get a vote tonight

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Members of the Chambersburg School Board are expected to vote Wednesday evening at their regularly scheduled meeting, whether or not to allow students to form a Gay Straight Alliance Club A few weeks ago board members voted five to four not to allow the club. The ACLU and Equality Pennsylvania are threatening to sue. They say the school is violating the Federal Equal Access Act by not providing the same opportunities they give other clubs.

“I think that people need to understand that when you violate the law  like this, that’s what happens. And simply put these students deserve
the right to create a GSA and that’s what we’re fighting for. I think they’ve actually heard what is being discussed and they were open to the discussion, so that is definitely a good thing,” said Ted Martin,
Executive Director for Equality Pennsylvania.

The group has over a dozen student members and two faculty advisers.

Members want to be recognized by the school so the can fund raise and get the word out about their club.

Fox43’s Melissa Nardo is at the meeting and will have the latest when a decision is made.