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Mayor Linda Thompson Offends Perry County

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State Representative, Mark Keller is telling FOX43 WPMT that he wants a public apology from Harrisburg Mayor Linda Thompson.

During a press conference Wednesday she offends him and his constituents.

Mayor Thompson made the comments during a press conference today about cleaning up the city streets of trash.

The mayor says she plans to install security cameras in areas where people are dumping trash illegally.


  • Leila

    I am a Perry County transplant lived there 2 times in my life and I can't stand this Lady before and now even more now I have a lot of my friends live in Perry County and I am very offended by what she said to Perry County People

    • Kwitcher Bitchen

      Your comment shows just how ignorant a Perry countian can be. You have no idea of context, stooge.

  • Tammie

    I just think there was too much made out of this. I am not a Thompson fan either but she could have said any county and I believe that the derogatory statement was meant for the person who was doing the dumping not the county. Media hype during an election year.

    • just1opinion

      Really?? You feel this is just media hype? If she would have said surrounding counties ok…..but she specified Perry County.

  • MyTakeOnIt

    Everything this woman does is offensive. She was critical of Mayor Reed as Councilwoman and now knows the difficulties. She fought with Mayor Reed when on Council and now fights with Council and Dan Miller. You could applaud her passion to fight for what she believes but her words and methods make her look like an idiot. I'm not a Harrisburg area resident and can't make a more informed judgement on the issues there but I'm tired of hearing about Linda and her conflicts.

    • Derek

      Not that I agree with what she said AT ALL, but sue her for what? Exercising her Fifth Amendment rights? You're right about one thing though- she certainly is a bitch of epic proportions.

  • Fran

    She must be prejudiced against Perry County. This is the 2nd comment – last one was that Perry County residents were dumping animals in Hbg., now it is trash.
    Words of wisdom from the poison "ivory" expert.

  • cathy

    If she cleaned up Harrisburg there wouldn't be an inch of space for trash from any place else. I think she needs to start on her own door step. A life long Perry County resident.

    • Jason

      Truth. I live in Harrisburg now since november of 2011. This place is trashy literally. Abandoned buildings need to be demolished. It looks terrible

  • Becky

    Doubt even if she where to issue and apology, she wouldn't mean it really. What a dumb ass women. I agree with cathy… clean up your own city first.

  • Bookbug 79

    That poor woman needs prayers for her very probable brain infarct!!! I pity her! Not many people are as in such a critical state of dementia. A Perry County implant resident for over 40 years.

    • Kwitcher Bitchen

      You look even more stupid for taking her comment to mean every person in Perry county is a scumbag. There's a reason you live there, and it shows in your comprehension.

  • Treetopfarm

    I don't know about the ones that live in towns. but the Last I checked we burned our trash and the stuff that the ones in the City don't want or need..we Take and Cash in for Money..because the City folks DOWN THERE!! are not able to understand the words recycle

  • Treetopfarm

    Also I would like to add- Perry County Proud right here ad them two words do not sound anywhere close to Surrounding Counties to me soon to be Ex Mayor of Harrisburg. So lets pass on a important lesson our mothers and fathers showed us when we were growing up. "If you don't have anything nice to say, Don't say nothing at all" Please Linda write this down and keep this with you maybe you will get better press then this.

    • Kwitcher Bitchen

      You Perry countians rank pretty low in comprehension skills and fit the perception of your county well.
      they must not teach listening comprehension too much in your schools.

  • tony

    have her ass come to perry county and find sum trash on the street or ground.only trash in perry county would be her..she needs to just quit and give her day job up

  • lori fornwalt

    that no good mayor of hbg should make a public apology and turn in her resignation and if she dont someone needs to fire her ass!!!!!!

  • Billyzzman

    Her making a comment about perry county is just as bad as someone calling her just another dumb jungle bunny. She needs to go back to the whole in berryhill or where ever she crawled out of, crawl back in and shut her big flapping lips. She is nothing but a dumb bitch who will never fill the real mayor Reed shoes!!!!

  • eric

    Wow! and this is a lady (lol) that runs a city with a high crime rate, murders, drugs, guns, and trash evreywhere.Well we know what them people are but your not aloud to use that word.

  • Steve

    Perhaps the voters and good people of Harrisburg will eventually figure out that their blighted, broken city and their elected choices of local government are one and the same. Got a trash problem? Start with a spring cleaning, and get yourself a new Mayor. For good measure, toss the City Council, too, and vote in the quality of people you deserve.

  • Cindy Findley

    I guess the Mayor forgets her family, because some would say “scumbag” is one who is low in the life chain and crime walks with the person. She only has to look at family photos, her high flatulent, holier the thou attitude is not the way God says to walk. SHE NEEDS TO GO, BIG MOUTH, HARD HEART, maybe to clean up her own backyard at home!

  • mark

    oh,so i suppose the people in perry county are rich?and the people in harrisburg are poor?
    maybe that's why i see all the bmw's and cadillac escalades around town.
    not to mention that the perry county people are scumbags and the hbg. residents are sooooo upstanding and moral.
    i guess they don't have the money to dump their trash legally though.those poor people.

  • class97

    Amazing!!! Every time Thompson opens her mouth sh*t rolls out.
    Let's see if the poor trash dumping victims of Hbg are smart enough to reelect this fine upstanding mayor.

  • Jason

    I am greatly offended by her comments. I have lived in Perry County all my life and its a beatiful place to live. I wanted to let her know that each township has there own trash day and we dont need to dump it off in Harrisburg. Even though Harrisburg is a trash hole that she ran into the ground herself. At leat we dont have crack heads on the corners and murders everyday. She just likes to run her mouth because shes failed as a mayor and a parent. I hope she reads this comment because the truth hurts. I would also like to invite her to Perry County and see how real, hard working Perry Countians Live and support each other. It might open up her eyes……. Maybe not shes an idiot………

  • Darly

    Whew, I think Ms. Thompson really stepped in it this time. She offended a whole county. Shame on her.

  • beam

    i'm saying now since this bitch said this we all load our pick up trucks up and head to the burg and make one hell of a pile of trash. pcpnna g beam

  • Lisa

    We have lived in Perry Co for 29 years, my husband has worked in Hbg for 28 years. Our kids are both college graduates! Our Perry Co farmers plant and harvest food sold in Hbg stores and farmers markets. Thompson is bitting the hands that feed her and her going down hill city. All Perry Countians should boycott shows, events, museums etc to show Thompson how much we really do for her city! We Perry Countians burn and recycle our trash, not dump it off down there. We preserve God's green earth, not destroy it! We will stand together as one on this!!!

  • Lisa

    Harrisburg is not even safe for it's own citizens to walk down the street. Now she thinks we would willingly come to a city that could possibly mean our death, stop our vehicles and get out of them? REALLY!?

  • Concerned

    I am no fan of the Mayor…at all…and I hope someone is elected who can really makes things better and get her out of there before she does any more damage. But to all of you who say to "boycott" Harrisburg businesses: That is the worst thing you could do. The businesses and business leaders in Harrisburg are the ones who had to pick up the slack when the government failed at that, and they are the ones who are helping to (hopefully) make the City great again. Shame on you for equating Mayor Thompson with the hard working small businesses who are trying to overcome all of this. You are no better than her making those comments. Instead of contributing to the problem, be a solution and help the local business. That is the only way to make things better

    • Caryl

      I totally agree with you. The businesses and business leaders in Harrisburg should not pay the price for this moran's mouth. Linda Thompson has proved over and over again that she lacks everything it takes to be in a leadership position. She needs to go !!! She's going to be the destruction of a wonderful city of many opportunities.
      Perry County is my home and I'm soooo glad Linda Thompson can not claim the same.

    • Dean

      As a Perry Co. native now living in Harrisburg, thank you so much for an intelligent response. It's more than I could expect from Mayor Thompson. She's an embarrassment to a pretty decent city that has a lot to offer.

  • stan

    don't know where she went to college but i would bet UNITED NEGRO COLLEGE FUND is proud of her and the idea of Harrisburg residents cleaning up THEIR city is a joke just drive down 6th street or go up Mulberry

  • groovyman67

    She could have said 'some scumbag from outside Harrisburg' or 'from another county' and been fine. But no she had to specify, what she was really thinking. How is this not racist!

  • karena

    I have lived in Perry County my entire life & its the most beautiful place I know ! Why would I spend $3.65 a gallon on gas to drive my trash to Harrisburg & run the risk on getting shot ? I own a dumpster & I recycle & I burn my trash. I am not a dumb Perry County hick & am sorry for those who think I am . Its their loss. I don't take any offence to what she said because I know it's not true.

  • Barbara Perkins

    Mayor Linda Thompson is a joke, the people of Perry County are a close knit family, we work for a living, we help one another and we do not appreciate a 'SCUMBAG" like Linda Thompson. We have lived in Perry County for 15 years and we love the area, the people and everything about Perry County. Like I said we help one another. I would never shop, eat, or come to Harrisburg again. I am only one person, but I am sure there are many other PERRY COUNTY RESIDENTS THAT WILL FEEL THE SAME AS I DO. YOU ARE A SAD PERSON WHEN YOU MAKE REMARKS LIKE SHE MADE.

  • Eric

    I live in perry county and I have listened to this a few times. Honestly I don't have a problem with what she said. If somebody took trash from here and dumped it there they are a scumbag. Just the same as if somebody brought their trash from harrisburg and dumped it in my yard I would prob call them something way worse than a scumbag.

  • Jen

    I will gladly stop taking my "trash" Harrisburg, when they stop bringing their dead bodies to hide in our beautiful county

  • Kwitcher Bitchen

    Your comment shows just how ignorant a Perry countian can be. You have no idea of context, stooge.

  • Just Some Guy

    From everything I have heard and read about this woman over the past few years, I honestly believe that when she said "Perry County" that she was speaking about a certain type of person, not necessarily all people from Perry County. I think she's referencing "good 'ole boys". Not rednecks or hillbillies, but people that hunt, fish, spend time in the country or just don't go to large cities to spend their time and money. People you find in Cumberland, York and Lancaster Counties as well. She only cares about 2 types of people; the poor, black, disenfranchised voters that have put and kept her in office and the high end folks, who live on the waterfront, spend a ton of money in the city and a lot of their time on 2nd Street (who will never be confused for Perry County Scumbags). This is a very easy way for her to categorize a large group of people in a very convenient way and I believe she chose her words very carefully. But hey, that’s just my interpretation.

  • common sense ppl

    Of course plenty of scumbags from Perry county would find this offensive….if you know you're not a scumbag why should you feel offended I mean really…

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