Three arrested after drug search in Lancaster City

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Lancaster City Police arrested three people today after executing a search warrant for illegal drugs at a home on the 300 block of East Clay Street. The arrests were the result of an investigation over the last few months, led by the department’s Selective Enforcement Unit and with assistance from the Lancaster County Drug Task Force.

Residents had complained to police of illegal drug activity in the area of the 300 block of East Clay Street. After surveillance of the area confirmed illegal drug activity, undercover officers successfully purchases illegal drugs from the home several times.

After entering the home today, marijuana and other illegal drug paraphernalia were discovered inside the house. The three residents of the home, 23-year old Ansy Gaston, 27-year old Richard Gaston and 22-year old Ashley Milburn, were arrested and charged with numerous drug related offenses.


Ashley Milburn


Ansy Gaston

Richard GASTON

Richard Gaston

Police say a detailed search of the home turned up 73 grams of marijuana, cocaine residue and other drug paraphernalia. Officers seized $1,307 in cash, three large flat screen televisions, one Sony Playstation 3 console and two laptop computers.

All three suspects were transported to the Lancaster County Central Booking. Milburn and Ansy Gaston are awaiting arraignment while Richard Gaston, who is currently on parole, has been taken to Lancaster County Prison for violating parole.