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Georgia school’s first integrated prom

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Today’s topic of the day,  the first integrated prom in Abbeville, Georgia. Until this year Wilcox County High School has been holding segregated proms.  That’s even though the schools were integrated some 30 years ago. In fact, last year , a biracial student was turned away at the prom by police.

This year,  a black girl was named prom queen,  but she wasn’t invited to the school prom.  So  that got students thinking it’s time to integrate the annual dance. They started raising money — but the response wasn’t all positive. The integrated prom has been scheduled for April 27.


  • William N.

    Proof that America is not equal regardless of who leads it. Racism and segregation is and will be a part of the world so long as human life exists. Even if we end up as one mixed race hundreds of years from now, we will still find differences in shades and structure and oppress others for their differences, it's human behavior. This is why we have laws against it, and race is no different than gender or sexual orientation, it is all judged and we need to create laws and keep laws that punish the oppression of fellow human beings, for whatever reason. Otherwise, it will simply continue in its worse form. We all deserve to live our lives to the fullest and be treated fairly, which includes being given the rights of everyone else.

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