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Krotum leaf sparks concern

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The DEA is concerned about a new product that more and more people are using to get an extra boost.  It’s a leaf called ‘Kratom’ which comes from a tree native to Southeast Asia.  It can be smoked or used to make tea.  Some places are also offering gel caps.  In low doses, it gives people a boost of energy,  but in high doses it can make a person sleepy.  The leaf is legal in the US but the DEA is taking a close look at it.


  • Ted

    This is what is wrong with the USA we always stick our noses were it don't belong if it is already a plant hear don't you think that god put it hear for a reason just like the other plant that was hear before man and you no what plant that I am talking about the true herb of healing something that people really needs to legalize it would get this country out of debt aim just saying look at what it could do for us if you take a bar fool of drunks vs a bar full of pot heads now common sense who do you think will kill or hurt some one the drunk my living hear I never heard of a weed overdose lets fight for our little bit of pride and dinette and let's help the people who need it look how Canada and those other countries are doing with it being legalized it will help thanks for reading this its the truth

    • MyTakeOnIt

      True or False:
      "hear" is to "ear" as "here" is to "there"

      Let's see Ted, every pothead friend that I have has become paranoid and delusional after many years of daily use. Each of them have ended up with psychiatric help (that's a shrink, Ted) and prescriptions to control the behavioral problems. Of course, this is called daily drug abuse (addiction) and is different from the recreational drug user who sucks on a joint now and then and the medicinal drug user who benefits from its usage.

      • MyTakeOnIt

        By the way, did you really use the word dinette instead of dignity and the word fool to mean full?

        • MyTakeOnIt

          And Ted,
          If this were some miracle leaf that humans could/would use for the benefits listed in the story, energy and sleep aid, without actually hurting the body long term and taxing our healthcare system, then it would be classified like Ginseng and Ginko. So don't get your britches in a bunch yet.

  • dave

    If you dont want people using this stuff then why put it on the news for everyone to know about it. I bet the local headshops will be busy for awhile.

  • james

    It was really impressive published article. I do personally learn in the post and also I will share it to my friends later after reviewing. Really interesting post indeed. Thanks.

  • Jake

    The only prob with kratom is when people who sell it infuse it with other harmful drugs. Kratom itself is not even going to affect you. Trust. I'm an md and study botany. Go after those who infuse it, not after those who sell/use true kratom. Nothing there for your story then, eh?

  • phelonjc

    Do some research about Kratom before writing this pathetic article. It is mainly used to ease mild aches and pains. And it can not be smoked. That would be a waste, since it kills it alkaloids. In small doses (depends on red,white or green vein kratom) it can give you a small boost, similar to coffee without the crash, ease aches and pains. In a higher dose it can be more of a sedative, but not like a date rape sedated, but like a relaxing soothing feel. Good for a long day st work. Addiction doesn’t exist unless you’re a complete fiend. And DO NOT compare it to an legal high. I have NEVER gotten high from kratom. In fact, it has cured people of their heroin addiction (mainly red vein kratom). And it has helped my mother to quit taking Lortabs and Percocets,which is toxic to your body, especially after over a decade of use. So how is kratom this dangerous “drug”. My mother has 2 broken hips since December, with 3 surgeries. On top of that, she has 4 slipped disc, 3 bulging disc,fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel. And kratom helps more than these roxies, tabs, etc that the doctor has her on. And lyrica. So do.some research before you write a report that looks as if it were written by a 12 year old. Calling it kratum, then kratom. That shows the lack of research. This news group is desperate for news.

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