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Orioles fans go crazy at home opener

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These O’s fans are pumped up. After a big season in 2012, they can’t wait for 1st pitch on Opening Day.

Will Sinnott, Orioles fan dressed up as former pro wrestler, Randy “Macho Man” Savage

Q: How the O’s going to do this year?  “Oh yeah, macho man Randy Savage, Orioles 2013 World Champs.  Step into a Slim Jim, yeah.”

Suzie Vogtman, Orioles fan from Airville, York County

“Its an awesome feeling on opening day, people are excited about the Orioles this year.”

Goldman family with 10 month old Henry

“Henry is kind of a veteran for opening day?  First opening day for the whole family but this is his 18th game.”

Mike Kelly, Orioles fan from Mount Wolf, York County

“This is my 1st opening day.  Its a pretty cool experience, the atmosphere is wild.  Its like nothing I have ever seen before.”

Jeff Springer, Orioles fan wearing a “baseball head”

Q: How hot does that thing get?  Not at all.  I pull it up everty once in a while and have some “kool-aid” and then I carry on.

Go Os!!!!

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