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Chemical in Red Meat May Lead to Heart Disease

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It may not be the fat in red meat that’s a danger, but a chemical found in the meat.  Researchers say the compound carnitine is broken down by bacteria in the gut.  That kicks off a chain reaction that raises cholesterol which can clog your arteries, leading to heart disease or stroke.

Carnitine typically helps the body transport fatty acids into cells to be used as energy. But researchers at the Cleveland Clinic found that in both humans and mice, certain bacteria in the digestive tract convert carnitine to another metabolite, called TMAO, that promotes atherosclerosis, or a thickening of the arteries.



  • MyTakeOnIt

    People don't give a crap about this. The majority of people do not want to face the facts that have been hammered over and over and over that a regular lifestyle of a diet low to nil on animals and high on vegs and fruits combined with exercise and absent of smoking, drugs, and overindulgence of alcohol is the ONLY way to live healthy at a healthy weight. All this info does is to create a determination for miracle drugs to kill TMAO instead of doing natural things that have been preached by health advocacy groups and doctors for years.

    What a wonderful picture. I'm sure the cow that posed for that was proud.

    • Mike

      Totally agree with you. Not many people care or just ignore the truth. Look a the general population… it's obvious people have no problem swelling up with the crap they eat. America loves it's red meats, trans fats and anything battered and fried. Oh and don't forget the excessive use of sugar… Saw a girl who got a coffee at sheetz today and hit the 3 packet sugar selection on the dispenser 6 TIMES for a medium coffee and then hit it up with several doses of french cream. Seeing this constantly and the parking lots of fast food joints always shines light on the connection of you are what you eat. (as I type this there is a McDonalds ad directly to the right of this reply window… Nice…)

      • MyTakeOnIt

        Yes, but there is also argument that the artificial (chemical) sweeteners are worse than the sugar (somewhat natural). PS: I also see the McD ad right now.

        I cannot have sympathy when people purposefully ignore advice on general nutrition and exercise that hammers them from all angles in life. There is some contradiction but the general twist on it is the same. Got a "24-hour bug"? Well it's the crap you ate in the previous 24 hours.

        So now researchers find something definitive and what do we expect? Changes in behavior? No. We will see magic elixirs in the effort to block the TMAO metabolite from causing harm or total ignorance of its existence. But this is probably the only press it will get.

        • MyTakeOnIt

          Of course, I have one more thing. Sheetz's machines are often clogged and dispense drips or dribbles, so 6 times might have been a teaspoon or two. They really need to lose the machines.

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