Senate Democrats talking gun control reform

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The renewed fight over gun control legislation is expected to heat up this week in the United States Congress.  Democrats and Republicans are fighting over the need for universal background checks.

Making our communities safer is the goal of universal background checks according to many Democrats.  Those Democrats are calling on the Senate to close the loophole that allows unchecked gun purchases.  But opponents of the bill are vowing to fight any further infringement of their second amendment rights.

Gun control legislation is once again on the front burner in Congress.  Back from a two-week break, Senate Democrats are pushing for tighter gun control measures in the form of universal background checks.

“Very simply, the idea that while law abiding citizens, under the second amendment, have a right to a gun, there are reasonable limits on that second amendment,” said Senator Charles Schumer, (D) New York.

As the law stands now, background checks are required for gun purchases from the 55,000 federally approved vendors.  However, private purchases at places like gun shows or some online buys don’t require a background check.  New legislation would make those checks mandatory.

“Universal background checks at least can help stem the tide of this gun problem.  The fact is that we are in this city that has way too many guns,” said Commissioner Ray Kelly, New York Police Department.

But many Republican, along with the National Rifle Association, is fighting universal background checks.  Opponents of the checks are worried the government can keep records of the purchases and eventually go after legal gun owners.  Republicans are threatening a filibuster in the Senate, although not everyone is on board with that tactic.

“I do believe that to block the legislation from coming to the floor of the senate is not appropriate.  The United States Senate should debate and vote,” said Senator John McCain, (R) Arizona.

Republicans that continue to fight against gun control legislation have already blocked efforts by the Democrats and the White House to ban certain assault-style weapons and high capacity magazines.

Republican Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey is rumored to be working towards a compromise.  The Senator is reportedly working with Democratic Senator Joe Manchin from West Virginia to try and come up with a compromise.  Any compromise would need the support of at least five Republican Senators before having the numbers to pass the full Senate.


  • Dean Weingarten

    The "Universal Background Checks" the Democrats are pushing for is Trojan Horse Legislation. The Republicans have been willing to talk about checks, as long as their is no record keeping. There are several ways this could be done.

    The Democrates demand a paper trail, thus turning a right into a priviledge. Now, ownership of a gun is presumed legal. If the Democrat system is put in place, ownership of a gun will be presumed illegal, unless you can show the paper trail.

  • mike

    gun control is needed in every state in every country all over the globe. its about time someone takes a stand. the "common citizen" needs to stop thinkin they are bein infringed upon and start bein part of a solution not makin a problem worse

    • Sosalty

      Laos, North Korea, Germany, USSR, millions suffered and died just after gun control. Kinda like Americas stats, murders generally go up after gun control is implemented, then down when repealed. But, if you're a gun phobic, gun control might make you feel better.

  • Sosalty

    As part of the solution, universal background checks lead to a gun registry, which recently was a huge flop in Canada, making criminal gun abuse worst; so scratch that. Let's see, common use guns, well the Glock and AR-15 home defense weapons are good as defense for HomelandSecurity and LawEnforcement and they use standard capacity magazines, so they must be good for citizens. Oh, CPR for lay persons was a little controversal at 1st but has proven to save lives. How about if the free states, AZ, KS, UT, AK, AR, TX, TN, AL, GA, FL, MT, SC, NC, MS, MO, WI, and others try sensible gun laws, such as 'Shall Issue' and can carry most everywhere. Then the not free states, CA, NY, CT, CO, IL, and others can restrict guns to their hearts content. Try, just work real hard at the fact that having an armed peaceable citizenary saves lives.

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