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14 injured in Texas college stabbing incident, police say

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From Chandler Friedman, (CNN) — At least 14 people were injured in a stabbing incident Tuesday morning at Lone Star College’s CyFair campus in the Houston area, officials said.

Authorities have detained one suspect at the campus in Cypress, Texas — so far the only suspect at this point, a sheriff’s spokesman told reporters Tuesday afternoon.

Student Maya Khalil, 19, was in class in the campus’ health sciences building when the incident happened, she said. She managed to take photos of the chaotic scene as it unfolded.

“It was really scary,” Khalil said.

Authorities released different accounts of how many people were wounded.

Robert Rasa, a spokesman for the CyFair Volunteer Fire Department, said 15 people were hurt. Sheriff’s officials said 14 people were wounded.

The school was on lockdown Tuesday afternoon while authorities combed the campus to ensure no other injured people or attackers were there, Harris County sheriff’s spokesman Alan Bernstein said.

Marianna Sviland, a teacher at the college, told CNN at 2 p.m. (3 p.m. ET) that students and staff were being allowed to leave campus.

Bernstein said it wasn’t clear whether all of the injured people were stabbed.

“It’s possible other people were running away” and became injured that way, he said.

Four people were taken to a hospital by helicopter, authorities said. The conditions of the victims weren’t immediately available.

The four flown to a hospital “were in a dire enough situation that they were taken out on helicopters,” Bernstein said.

Bernstein said it will take time for authorities to go through the campus and “make sure there (is) not another suspect or suspects.”

“I do believe the confrontation was limited to a few (classrooms) or just one classroom — not anybody roaming around and getting into a large number of areas,” Bernstein said.

Details about what led to the incident weren’t immediately released.

“Stay away from the area. Seek shelter in a secure location until the incident is resolved,” the school posted on its website.

Tuesday’s incident comes more than two months after three people were wounded in a shooting at a different Lone Star College campus — the North Harris campus in Houston.

CNN’s Paul Caron, Chuck Johnston and Jason Hanna contributed to this report.


  • Beth

    Huh. Knife you say? Im sorry, thats not possible……..only guns can injure that many people at one time. They must have gotten their information wrong……..

    • Youarestupid

      The difference is that all 14 will survive. If this guy had a gun would all 14 survive? Doubtful. Think before you speak.

  • Spencer

    So much for the big fuss about guns…can't you people find something else to do rather than hurt others that are trying to learn…

  • Scott

    Sorry to hear about the victims, but it does make me wonder…
    1. Is the college a 'gun free' zone? Had any of the victims been armed, could a stabbing have been prevented?
    2. How many liberals will now call for a banning of 'assault knives'. Why are knives even allowed on campus?
    3. 14 victims? Why don't we make it illegal to stab another person? Better yet, why not limit the length of a knife blade to just 1/4". That way the knife cannot possibly hurt someone, after all, the person wielding the knife certainly isn't responsible.

  • Officer John

    A knife, a bat or any other "BLUNT" object can kill just as equally as a gun you. so "Youarestupid",….research and take a second for yourself to "Think before you speak"!!!

      • Darly

        I agree, the young man committed a violent act, and he used a knife instead of a gun. Perhaps there weren't as many people hurt, and so far, no fatalities, thank God. Something has to be done to get at the root cause for these unprecedented attacks that are occurring at an ever increasing rate. So sad.

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