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Families of the Sandy Hook School shooting victims are pushing for new gun legislation

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Today, a dozen family members of those killed in the Sandy Hook school shooting massacre are in Washington, D.C. pushing Congress to pass gun safety legislation.
This morning, Jillian Soto,who’s sister Victoria died in the shooting,  and Baltimore Police Chief Jim Johnson, chair of the National Law Enforcement Partnership to Prevent Gun Violence, joined WPMT FOX43 morning news  to talk about how comprehensive background checks would help prevent gun violence.

Learn more at demandaction.org.


  • shawn

    Criminals are not going to follow these laws either so why make more laws for the ones that do follow the laws. If people wouldn’t be scared of hurting someone’s feelings when they break the law maybe the usa of have harsher laws to punish people with and we would not have the issues we have.

  • Guest

    Shawn, I am tired of nonsensical arguments given by people like you about how laws don't matter to criminals. Yes, they don't stop a criminal's desire to kill. But they stop criminals from getting guns and decrease the probability of these criminals getting guns. So instead of having 30,000 gun deaths, we can have much lesser deaths (e.g. only a few 100's)!?? We are the only first world country that wants to live like a third world country!!! All first world countries that have restrictions on guns have much lesser violence than we do!

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