Pennsylvania family reunited with Civil War heirloom

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civilwarringvoA Pennsylvania family has been reunited with a Civil War heirloom they never thought they’d get back.

A treasure hunter was out looking for artifacts when he came across a silver ring engraved with the name of a Union soldier.

 He found it at a construction site in Fredericksburg.

The ring is worth $1,500, but instead of selling it, the man spent seven years searching for relatives of the soldier and he finally found them in Reading.

A relative of the solider said, “He’s an angel. He brought a piece of history back. He brought a piece of our family back. The ring is going to be handed down to my son. When you’re sitting there holding a piece of history from 150 years ago, it’s unreal.”

The treasure hunter found the family with the help of the Reading public library.

He returned the ring at the grave site of the Union soldier.