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York County man “moons” school bus three different times.

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Pennsylvania State Police say charges are pending against a 42 year old York County man for mooning children on a school bus on three different occasions this month.  Investigators say on Friday, April 5th, Monday, April 8th and again on Monday April 9th, the suspect appeared at a school bus stop in the first block of Bentz Mill road, in Washington Township to put several minor children on the bus.  As the bus pulls away, the suspect would allegedly turn away, drop his pants and expose his buttocks to “moon” the bus.

Children on board the bus saw the behavior and reported it. Police describe the man’s actions as an isolated incident. Dover School District assisted State Police in the investigation.


  • JustSayin

    What a freaking idiot. 42 years old, puts children on a bus then moons them, sounds like he needs a psych eval. I really hope they aren't his children and that if they aren't he also won't be left to care for them ever again! Whack Job!!

  • Informant

    They actually r his children n it apparently was a bad joke. He is a good person. Jus a bad few decisions.

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