Boiling Springs wrestling coach faces drug-related charge

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Boiling Springs head coach Rodney Wright

State police and the Cumberland County District Attorney issued a joint statement on Friday regarding a drug-related charge filed against a Boiling Springs wrestling coach earlier this week.

State police in Carlisle found drug paraphernalia at the home of Rodney A. Wright, 44, of South Middleton Township, on Jan. 14 after receiving an anonymous tip. Wright is the head wrestling coach and drivers’ education teacher for Boiling Springs High School.

“The Pennsylvania State Police and the Office of the District Attorney do not target citizens based on status, occupation or perceived notoriety–nor do we avoid carrying out our duty based on those same reasons,” District Attorney David Freed and Lt. Jon Mays of the Carlisle State Police Barracks said in a joint statement.

Any person who charged with a crime is innocent until proven guilty, they said in a release.

The following statement was released by Wright’s lawyer, John A. Abom, on Friday:

“I am deeply disappointed that a contentious divorce with my wife of 19 years has spilled out into the public spotlight and has led to these allegations. The students and athletes entrusted to my care have always been my greatest priority. I am grateful for the outpouring of support from friends, family and members of our school community. I intend to remain cooperative with the police. I look forward to clearing my name and having these charges dismissed.”

The school district declined to comment citing it as a personnel matter.


  • Darly

    Why was the evidence found January 14th, and did not come to light until April? I never heard anything negative about this man. Makes one wonder if it wasn't, in fact, a set-up as he suggested in his statement. Sad.

    • MyTakeOnIt

      Not in anyone's defense, but it may be that an investigation ensued before charges were filed Once charges are filed is when the public gets notified???????

  • JustSayin

    I feel really bad for him if his wife has something to do with setting him up on such bogus charges. It really shows what a person will go through to destroy an innocent mans life. If your marriage didn't work, suck it up and move on. Don't try to destroy someone who you once claimed to "love". She's probably the one out having an affair or wanted the separation to begin with. I swear some people have issues!!

  • Penny

    They found a cannabis pipe so what. If it is his and he does smoke big deal he isn't hurting anyone. From the article he sounds like a excellent coach and person.

    • MyTakeOnIt

      Illegal is illegal.
      Would you be cool with a guy driving a van with your kids to a wrestling match who's high as kite every night? If you would be, please seek psychiatric help.

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