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Elizabethtown Amtrak station is beginning work on improvements

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The Elizabethtown Amtrak station will be making some improvements.

Work began this week on a $2.5 Million project to improve the train station that will include a new lighted parking lot, concrete parking pads for motorcycles, security cameras, as well as new sidewalks and crosswalks.


    • Kevin Wells

      They made improvements to the station, tracks, landscaping, and same-day parking lot. They need the overnight parking lot which is what they're planning to build. Currently, the overnight parking lot is adjacent to the station but it's posted as "temporary" because the lot does not belong to the station and instead belongs to a commercial owner.

  • Nick

    Al P: The American Interstate Highway System has lost far more money than Amtrak ever will. In fact, I don't think the federal interstate highway system has grossed a single penny in all its existence. At least Amtrak offsets its costs.

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