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Brothers living with disease that attacks esophagus

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Two Philadelphia area brothers are living with Chronic Allergic Inflammatory Disease. It prevents them from being able to eat much of anything. 10 year old Brendan looks like a normal kid; he loves sports and hanging out with friends. But what you don’t see from the outside is his feeding tube, that provides him with nourishment every day.
Brendan was born with the disease that prevents him from eating, because it causes food and drinks to attack his esophagus. He can only eat potatoes and some candy and gum.
Recently, his friend Michael organized an ice skating event in Havertown.
Michael says, “People say it’s a very nice thing and stuff like that.”
Doctors just recently diagnosed Brendan’s 7-year old brother Ryan with the same disease. He’s in the early stages and doesn’t need a feeding tube yet, but can only have limited foods.
Their mother, Jennifer Dixon says, “It’s hard especially with friends, and when they go to sporting events and it’s baseball season and it’s kids eating things that can kill them.”
She is thankful for the community support and hopes one day her boys will be able to taste what it’s like to be a kid.
“I would just love to one day to celebrate their birthdays celebrate sing blow out candles, cake and them have a piece,” Dixon says.
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