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Cancer license plate deemed offensive

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An Oklahoma man is being told he must get rid of his custom license plate. The plate says F CANCR, but the meaning is not what you might think.

At just 32-years old, Nick Williams says he’s been through a war, and he’s still fighting.

He’s had surgery and undergone chemotherapy, to get rid of brain cancer.

Doctors say 60-percent was removed, but the other 40-percent is entwined in his brain.

The license plate on his car is one of his inspirations.

“My ‘F’ it stands for fight. Some people look at it as a different word, but I’m fighting brain cancer. I’ve had it for about 2 and a half years now,” Williams says.

But, a letter from the Tax Commission says Williams needs to change his license plate because it’s offensive.

He understands strangers may confuse it at first, but like the scar on the side of his head, he says it’s a symbol of pride that he chooses to wear proudly.

He plans to call the Tax Commission to explain his situation to a supervisor.


  • Anne

    People need to get a life and stop trying to control others. This man has a right to his license plate saying. It wasn't found offensive when it was issued and that should take precedence.

  • Nan

    I don't find this offensive at all. It's a battle and everyone knows someone who has or had cancer, who is a survivor or has passed from cancer. Even if it is what people thought, who cares!

  • Dale

    If you DON'T LIKE it DON'T LOOK at it…. some people have to complain about everything these people need to mind their own business…..

  • Val

    My Gosh!!! Leave this poor guy alone!!!! Pray for him and his family instead of "sweating the small stuff"!!!!!! Fight on Nick, I pray you can beat this!!!

  • Jennifer Gillen

    Mind your own business look into your own life and leave the guy alone he has enough battles to fight. Just believe that real people are behind you and it will be ok and may god help you on your journey to being free from cancer

  • Gary

    hmmmmm………….. gives me an idea now!! ;) LOL :P
    i might just have my license plate done like that!



  • anthony

    Fight on Nick. Fight on. I'm another who has you in prayer. A million person prayer circle. Mr. Taxman should support you not give you another "little" thing to worry about. I wish the email address were attached in this article for the "Tax Commissioner". I'm sure their server would be so blown up! Hand in there my friend. Hang in there.

  • gshepp

    Why did they issue it in the first place? Fight on Nick with the cancer and the Tax Comm. Get a plate that says FU tax comm.

  • edeb93

    Whatever word you want the F to stand for they both fit in my book and neither are offensive….I am a person who has watched a sister and a husband both fight cancer and I myself has said F cancer the other way……it is a hard fought battle so keep fighting Nick…….keep the faith and anything is possible.

  • Rick

    The state had the chance to reject it when he applied for the plate. They didn't find it offensive then or else they would have refused to issue it.

  • Lea

    Its ridiculous that people are making this a "controversy", when they should be supportive. If it is the "F bomb" at least its not more definitive, but it's just the letter F, and besides he has the right to have that plate being a cancer fighter. This might actually be helpful to turn the thought of the F letter, from bad to a good thing seeing as it means FIGHT if you have an open mind. If they or their child figures it's the bad word, they obviously already got that in they're own head elsewhere. After I lost my mother to cancer, I had a shirt and cap that actually said F*(k cancer. I wore it in public after curfew hours so the youngsters wouldn't see it, and no one made a deal about it. If they would have, O'well your children were well out after curfew! I hope they let him keep that plate, and the complainers get off his back so they can continue their daily QVC shopping and let the man continue his fight.

  • Tish

    Wow, people really need to get a life. This guy is fighting cancer, so how in the hell is this offensive… This guys has every right to say that on a license plate… Ughhh people in this world amaze me sometimes… If you don't like it don't look at it.!! simple as that.!


    F Cancer…no matter who or how you read it; whether it be figthing cancer or f____cancer; it's okay with me Iam in my 13th year of being free of CANCER so you keep that plate and we are all prayer for you and the people that are offended when they read your license plate…who cares PLEASE get a life people. Iam offended that you are not support people with cancer.

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