Boy Scouts policy on gays could change

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(CNN) — The Boy Scouts executive committee has written a resolution for consideration that would remove the restriction denying membership to youth on the basis of sexual orientation alone, the Boy Scouts of America said Friday. The scouts would maintain the current membership policy for all adult leaders of the Boy Scouts of America.


  • Hue Jass

    Looks like the BSA organization is going in the crapper after this vote. The gays dont have a problem with that though.

  • zelly5

    As a volunteer in the BSA since 1998, I sincerely hope that the ban on openly gay leaders is maintained. Scouting is meant to promote citizenship and many life skills, not the promotion of ANY type of sexuality. I'm sure we have some quietly gay leaders now, and that's fine. They are there for the right reason, not to be an activist. Unfortunately, the activists have no tolerance for those who disgree with them, and will try to redirect the mission of the BSA. If they come in, many of the established, dedicated volunteers will leave, as will I. As far as the youth, no sexuality (aside from youth sexual abuse prevention) is part of scouting. I know of at least two Eagle Scouts who later turned out to be gay. They did what was required for that honor and expressed no signs of sexual preference during their scouting experience, as it should be.

  • Darly

    Back in the day, my son was in Boy Scouts. After every meeting my son had an attitude, that I can only describe as chauvinistic and that was a result of his leader being that sort of a man. My son's days as a Boy Scout ended because I would not tolerate this attitude towards women, period! Now had I discovered my son's scout master was gay, I would have done the same thing, his Boy Scout career would have ended for that reason as well. BSA has to very selective in their choice of leaders. The leaders are working with impressionable young boys, and their actions could be imitated by the boys they lead (case in point, my son's chauvinistic attitude as a direct result of his scout master's actions). Why can't gays be quietly gay, like straights are quietly straight? Gays have an in your face attitude that tends to turn people off.

  • Geddy

    This is just more step in the slow progression of universal acceptance of homosexuality in this country, an agenda that has been pushed by the gay activist groups for decades. If heterosexuals object, then we are cast out as hateful homophobes, a convenient label that will further assist the activists in gaining further acceptance. Our kids are being pressured and brainwashed in schools to fully accept homosexuality, and now we are bringing this into a wonderful organization like the Boy Scouts. I can see this stance on homosexuality by the BSOA totally disrupting the purpose and virtues of the organization. There is a difference between "acceptance" and "tolerance"- we can tolerate homosexuality, but there is no need to accept it. If we as individuals accept homosexuality and every other ideology that comes down the pike, then the values and virtues instilled in us from childhood on are dead and gone. This is the reason the virtues and foundations of this country are pretty much crumbled to dust.. Americans are pressured by modern society to be "politically correct" and "inclusive" and accepting of everything. Not me- I am not forgoing my value and virtues.

  • Girl Scout

    Girl scouting has no policy which denies girls or leaders membership. We are careful in our leadership policies, and homosexuality is not an issue for us.

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