Sender of 25-year-old message in a bottle found

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After some digging on the internet, FOX43’s Trang Do was able to find the woman who cast out a message in a bottle on the Susquehanna River some 25 years ago.

Jen Dettinger of Windsor, York County found the bottle Monday, while walking along the Susquehanna River with her family in Lower Windsor Township.

Dettinger contacted FOX43 in the hopes of finding the person, who signed her name “Bambi Caffery” in the letter.

After calling several numbers that were wrong, we found a phone number for Bambi Caffery’s mother in Myrtle Beach, SC and called it. Minutes later, Caffery called back, which led to a Skype interview from her home in South Carolina Friday.

“I was surprised and I don’t really remember the bottle and I was like what did I write?” Caffery said.

The letter was dated January 7, 1988. Caffery was six years old at the time and in the first grade.

She was surprised to hear that the bottle made it all the way from Sidney, NY, where she lived at the time, to southern Pennsylvania.

“I wasn’t quite sure where York, Pennsylvania was. So I looked on the map and I was like wow, that’s on the other side of the state,” Caffery said. “The Susquehanna does go through Sidney, NY, so that makes sense.”

Caffery is eager to speak with Dettinger about how she came across the bottle and the chances of this bottle bringing them together.

“They’ve had movies about messages in a bottle and I do think it’s interesting that she has a daughter the same age as my son and I think, it looks like maybe we’re around the same age,” she said.  “Who knows why she found it? We might become life-long friends after this.”

Dettinger said she’s just as excited to connect with Caffery and hopes to mail her the letter so she has it back in her possession.


    • Anyoneelseseeit

      Confused how it took 25 years to get from Sydney New York to wrightsville pa. Something doesn't add up!

  • MyTakeOnIt

    What are the logistics of a bottle staying intact 25 years on a trip so slowly down the Susquehanna in 25 years? It only took a couple of years for Japan's wreckage in the Tsunami to reach the USA.

    • Tina

      We dont need our name in the news we have had it in the news when my son was murdered Bambis brother. This is a true story and real.

      Because it is a positive story and not a negative story makes it fake not.

      Our world lives in turmoil and the lady that found this has helped us more than she can imagine, it gives our family hope and some positive in our lives it helped us smile and believe again.

  • Tina

    We now search for her teacher she was only in that school a couple of years and we dont recall her teachers name, so if anyone can help please we want to let her know Bambis assignment is complete.

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