Another QB battle at Penn State

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Once again, we have a quarterback battle at Penn State.  Its Tyler Ferguson against Steven Bench.  Bill O’Brien says that both guys had a solid spring game.

Bill O’Brien, PSU Head Coach

“I thought they both produced.  I thought they both had some nice throws.  Every game you play you wish you had some plays back and I’m sure that they do too but I thought that both guys did some decent things out there today.”

With all-star recruit, Christian Hackenberg getting into the QB mix this summer.  O’Brien says he will not name a starter until later and there won’t be a dual quarterback system.

Bill O’Brien, PSU Head Coach

“Only one QB can play at a time so we have to do a good job of seeing where these two guys stand and when training camp starts we have to give Christian some reps and let him get in there and compete.”

Ferguson and Bench weren’t available for post-game comments but their teammates are happy to give their take on the QB situation.

Mike Hull, PSU Linebacker

“We try to handle our job and we want the guy who will get us the most wins into next season so whomever that is, its up to Coach O’Brien and we will get it done either way.”

Allen Robinson, PSU Wide Receiver

“I think that it will be great for our team, just some more competition for the quarterbacks and for them to push each other.  I would say as a competitor, competition is always great because it takes your game to the next level.”

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